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WhiteBoard Using graphics and photos in all of your marketing channels helps your readers in the understanding of the written word. The photo you select must help to explain your story or a particular point in the copy.

So, when I begin planning an article or a blog post, I have a variety of ideas already in mind. I’ll do  research for my topic online and gather other ideas as I move along in my writing. After all, every picture helps to tell a story and to get my point across to the reader, sooner rather than later.

When I began writing there were a few reasonably price photos, images or illustrations available, but I found it difficult to get what I wanted at a reasonable price. We also used graphic artists and photographers to provide images which usually led to missed deadlines or we had to start over because the customer wants to see another idea.

Fast-forward to 2015.

The resources today are royalty-free images, vector art illustrations, stock photos, photo libraries, image banks, and the use of credits to buy a variety of different sizes, type of use for image, and even for a published editorial. It’s easier to find an image to pair up with your ideas.

Another cool source is using your digital camera and even a cell phone camera. Add a bit of magic from Photoshop and you can make an ordinary image stand out in a white paper or a web page.

Let’s look as an example of a picture posted last week.

TheBigPic “2 Degrees of Cold Calling, F or C… and where is the icebreaker?” Last week, I posted an article on B2B cold call techniques you can use to do a better job in your lead generation activities. Under the front page headline is a photo of an iceberg with the balance of the iceberg below the water. The letter C or F means the temperature is pretty damn cold in Fahrenheit or Centigrade. There is a lot of communications not just to reach a prospect but convince him to take a brief phone call. An icebreaker in this case could be a solution to a problem that the prospect is experiencing. EmailGreen Email is very fast, reasonably priced and best used with another channel.

The green illustration of envelopes in a funnel shows the speed of email to a prospect’s inbox. A clever subject line and a well stated message makes email a good tool for prospecting. However, a word of caution – if your email list is not up-to-date, these green envelopes will wash right down that sales funnel never to be seen again.

In the next photo, we introduce the use of direct mail. A well-used CRM, which is segmented and has client profiles is a great choice for cold calling. Either one may break through a closed door, but double your fun by using both communication channels, email and direct mail to see the difference.

Put email and direct mail together.

EmalVsDirectMail copy If the direct mail list is not up-to-date a lot of time and money are wasted!

Yes, the direct mail is significantly more expensive, but usually yields a better open rate, thus creating more initial awareness of your offer.

Add email as a follow-up, designed to complement the direct mail piece to maintain your brand awareness, to get better recognition.

The email also provides a quicker and easier method to measure response. For example, who opened the email and who did not.

As visual species, we tend to internalize information better when we see it presented in a graphical manner, such as Infographics.

Images provide an easy way to convey large amounts of information with a high degree of retention.

Is this the main reason we are seeing more websites with their fair share of images to push the reader along quickly to get the point? Yes.


Must have –

  • Email should carry over design or pictures from the direct mail.
  • Both lists of contacts are 95% correct.
  • If you have a strong brand, use it in every channel, inbound or outbound.
  • Remember, the phone is another channel of communications. In prospecting, the more channels the better.
  • Dropping a white paper on your problem solving capabilities, at the prospects office, unannounced, can get you past the gate keeper quicker.

Now that you have learned some ideas for using images in your communications, now scroll down to truly beef up your marketing lead generation program, and read the post that I used as an example of using images in your marketing communications.

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