What Is A Marketing Tip?

Greenbacks-flowingHow Much Will It Cost Me Now? And Later?

Every business owner discovers first hand that marketing is more valuable when they see results. For example, a spring flood of greenbacks at your front door every day is a good start.

I do exercise caution when I come across the word “tip” and “marketing” in the same sentence.” Instead of a greenback flood, it may be a flood of mud. Don’t get me wrong, an occasional tip can enlighten many people, but not every small business that reads this post. Case in point:

* A tip after a great meal and service may only be worth 25% of what was paid for the meal.

* A tip is also the angle of a beverage glass until it reaches the point of not being upright.

* If the beverage in the glass above is one for adults, the owner of the beverage may tip over.

Yes, I digressed a bit, but there are many tips offered to any small business marketer on how to better market their product and services. Here’s another point. Google the phrase “small business marketing tips.” My search disclosed over 85 million and it only took .27 seconds to build their list.

Writing from personal experience, be careful with any answer you select in a search. Or a link on Twitter and maybe in a discussion group on LinkedIn. There is never a right answer that will work for everyone. And rest assured there is no easy answer. If so, then everyone would own a business. Right?

Because there are so many variables involved in marketing to your customers, one wrong “tip” used in your marketing can significantly ruin the response. Now add in the “human element.” Depending on the type of day this person is experiencing may make it difficult to achieve the result you are looking for.

The one right approach for small business marketing to make money and increase customers is to build a marketing strategy based on –

  1. Company products
  2. Services
  3. Segmented Customer Profiles.

The strategy will dictate what tactics and channels are best for the company to reach their marketing goals.

An added bonus of building a customer-centric marketing strategy is creativity. Not just in the marketing campaigns, but with everything that you do to grow your business. Your team will become more creative in customer service and take ownership in creating their own growth goals.

The next time you hear of or read a tip use an old stand by: If it sounds to good to be true, then it is not true or worth pursuing.

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