Customers may come and customers may go…

GraniteHere’s how one company is slowing the revolving door.

Many years ago, I wrote an article for my newsletter publication, Direct Mail Success, “Don’t Take Your Customers for Granite.”

When a person or a company arrives as a prospect, depending if your company is B2B or B2C, they were properly courted or offered a product, reasonably priced. Both sides were satisfied and hopefully, looked forward to the next purchase. However, something happened to disrupt the sell and buy transfer from customer to company.

Maybe the customer thought that the seller wasn’t interested anymore and moved on to a different provider? Maybe the seller got tied up in their prospecting for more business and missed an opportunity for a sale.

The point is, don’t assume you have a customer for life or even to make the next purchase. From the date of the first purchase, you need to start learning more about your customers.

That was true yesterday but today if you think you have a steady customer relationship, tomorrow may surprise you.

Check out the Home Depot.

Home Depot is in the hardware, remodeling, tools, wood, flooring and appliances to name a few of their many departments. Look what they are doing to drive more business.

  • Want a new kitchen? Stop by and look at the new ways to remodel your kitchen, including cabinets, countertops, appliances and plumbing.
  • Kitchen remodeling is not cheap. But now you can get a project loan to pay for it month by month at a real low interest rate.
  • Maybe you want to remodel a bathroom because you like to do such handyman projects. Go online and order everything you need and get it delivered (some items are free shipping to your home) and the others go to the store and you pick them up. There is special parking for online pickups.

In Summary.

Home Depot is a good example that customers are always changing, and if they mean anything to you and your firm, you need to meet the change head on. They know how to make a kitchen or just about any remodel project easier than trying to put everything together by yourself.

How are other Companies slowing the revolving door?

Please give me examples of other companies like Home Depot that you have experienced or heard about. For example when you see the word Uber, you think of a taxi but Uber doesn’t own a single vehicle.

You can’t rely on a life preserver line held back by a bunch of granite.

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