Marketing Is a Progression of Many…

A_ProgressionOfManyLikened to a Summer Road Construction Project You Just Ran Into.

In Chicago. In August. It’s 94 degrees and the only thing higher is the humidity. You’re late for a must attend meeting just a few miles away, but traffic is just crawling. There is a sign, in the distance, as you head into a curve. Finally, you can read it: All 4 lanes must merge into one, two miles ahead.

Anybody who has stayed with my little journey, understands there are no easy answers.

  • Maybe your copywriting is not as tantalizing as your customers expect.
  • The design of your website is not just the right influencer as you expected.
  • The brand image of your company you paid dearly for is more like a mirage.

Never make a strategic move until you fully understand were your marketing must be tweaked or buried for good.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

My point is this: any of the above is a miniature sample on what can occur in small businesses in a typical business day. The difference is that a successful business person recognizes that challenges are opportunities for change. Three of the most-used opportunities I’ve seen that are catalysts for change in the last few years are found in the following articles:

  1. Channel selection
  2. Understanding your customers and their buying decisions.
  3. How Home Depot is a good example that your customers are always changing.

Each article appears in the LinkedIn Pulse, which is attached to my LinkedIn profile.

If you are still doing business the same way you did in 2010, you are leaving a lot of money behind for others to enjoy.

An offer just for you.

Marketingeval_logo4WebOne more thing. Before any marketing consultant can make any recommendations, he must understand your business. For this, I have my own proprietary product called a mcg-Marketing eVal. I’ve used this eVal and consistently added more substance to it over the past twenty-five years as changes occurred, while serving many hundreds of small businesses, nationwide. Pricing is based on company size and if I have experience in your industry.

There is a presence on the Marketing Communications Group page on LinkedIn as well. There are many how-to-articles posted there for you to peruse.

Thanks for reading and please share with others, except your competition.

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