Why are people giving away “informational” content for free?


Four easy ways to help you determine the value of free content.

There is a lot of free content available on the Internet. You need to make your choice wisely. Once you make a determination the content is feasible it likely goes into a folder for future action, or you test an idea or two on the validity of the content to see if it’s worth keeping.

Ultimately, it’s what you do with the advice in content that counts. The choice is yours. Let’s take a look at a few popular channels people use to distribute their content.

1. LinkedIn.

LinkedIn-GroupWebA person’s profile is very important in LinkedIn. However, since the profile is written by the person, look closer at the present and previous employment. Looking at the overview of educational accomplishments is important if you’re seeking to employ a particular expert in technology or upper management.

Below the profile are posts the person has added to share their expertise or curated from another source. There you can see how many followers the person has, comments and likes. The content and comments can be very helpful.

Next on your scroll down, you can review a summary of achievements, experiences, and projects. Below the projects is a skill section that visitors who know or worked with that person have endorsed.

Finally, there are groups that the person has joined to follow and enter discussions usually in their area of expertise.

2. Blogging.DarkContent

All the experts in social media recommend a “Blog” as a must have marketing tool. Instead of a in-depth analysis, take a look at HubSpot. Here, their employees and guest bloggers offer expertise in the many ways companies use their product and case studies to support their informational content.

3. Twitter, Facebook and the rest of Social Media.

Twitter1I simply love Twitter. On any given day, I can link a post with a picture, a hashtag and 140 characters or less to my followers and soon to be followers. If you are looking to hire a person or a company, check out their tweets and followers to round out your opinion.

I’m not a fan of Facebook, so if the person or company has a page, by all means check it out. In the past election year, politicians who used Facebook say it won a lot of elections.

4. Look for a specialist in their field

As a marketing professional with 30-plus years of experience I have a lot to share. However, as a marketer, I know I can’t be everything marketing to everybody. I must focus on my target market and use my skill set of direct marketing and mail to reach prospects. Since you are reading this on my blog site, check out my profile or visit

In Summary

Social media conversations are unique but there are useful to help determine the importance of informational content in your examination of your analytics.

A dialogue using social media, experiencing as one could in an actual meeting, builds relationships.

FortuneTellerThe key point is listening or reading “between the lines.” Check out credentials and profiles that you can find on LinkedIn. I “listen” to a discussion on LinkedIn or Twitter and respond to anyone that starts talking about a marketing problem that I know a solution or a plain comment to keep the conversation going while I gather information.

Researching the person and their company lets you “paint a picture” of this person’s customer base, their product or service and what similar experiences you are having which may relate to the person and company’s expertise.

On March 25th, I wrote a post explaining my meaning of marketing tips and what to look for to make sure you are not given a bum lead. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and please share with others, except your competition.

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