“In my expert opinion”…

DonKeyI can’t believe I said that.

Somehow, I added the “expert opinion” to my vocabulary. I’m not sure why I said it, but when I realized I said it, I couldn’t retract those two words.

In my marketing world, an expert opinion is likened to an @&&hole – everyone has one.

I meant to say, “You don’t need another idea – you need better execution.” That statement makes perfectly good sense.

People love to take short cuts.

When using direct marketing and mail, I know “short cuts” are not tolerated. Short cuts are useful in haircutting or in a butcher shop, but never in marketing. One wrong cut made in the process of direct marketing mail, can ruin the response and the ROI.

The only use of the “expert opinion” that I can bet the bank on is – knowing as much as possible about your customers.

A customer-centric marketing strategy that any business, small or large, can use to build better business. If you own or work in a small business, each customer means a lot more for your survival than it does for the larger companies. Then why should you think each customer is the same? Or a prospect is, well, a typical prospect?

Well, they’re not the same.

That brings me back to short cuts. When you start to build a customer-centric marketing strategy, there are many opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas with customers. The opportunity may lead to a more relevant communication to a segment of customers.

If you decided to take a short cut and send every customer the same message, some of your customers may decide to move on because they felt you didn’t understand their need.

There are many marketing ideas and tools to use, to avoid short cuts and increase your marketing results. Search this blog and Where Customers are Always Welcomed for more articles, reports to request and a case study or two for additional information.

Remember saving time using short cuts are a money waster. And according to Lewis Carroll, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” Somewhat similar to my meaning of “In my expert opinion.”

Thanks for reading and please share with others, except your competition.

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