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WeGotData“can someone tell me how I can use this data?”

Every day, this data hungry direct marketer, can’t wait to taste the data bits offered to me in Google Analytics. As I push this data into Excel, I can see a variety of returning and new, first time visitors. And almost immediately an idea I can use in a future post or article.

Yes, even a small firm like mine, Marketing Communication Group, can get plenty of marketing ideas. I’m not looking at only the number of visitors, but the quality of their visit. For example, how did they enter the website and what kind of journey did the take, such as:

  • Where did the visitor start his or her journey, on a home page, or from a linked click-through from another channel?
  • What page did the visitor enter and where did they go next?
  • How much time did the visitors spend on the site? On the page?
  • What was the number of new visitors? Returning visitors? How did they access the website? What page did they land on first? On what page did they make their exit?

What does all this data mean to me?

Data analytics is an extremely useful tool to learn more about the prospects and customers from a website point of view. This was always not the case. Back in the day, usually the two most important questions was 1) how many contacts responded and 2) what did they spend or donate? How they arrived at the total responders and the number of dollars, was usually depended on if the answer came from sales or marketing.

The data we have today can answer many questions. A person with a relatively inquisitive mind and understands the needs and wants of customers, is a great starting point. I call that person a Tec-Marketeer who really understands the customers inside and out and considers technology as a good friend.

Here’s an example.

Since there is plenty of data available, smart marketers are reviewing data daily to determine what information is useful to their needs.

On my job description I’m a writer of many different talents. I consistently visit LinkedIn groups, over forty at the last count and too many blogs to count. There is so much content available online that a “Google This Please,” can lead to millions of answers.

Here are a few ways how I attack raw data.

On the Direct Marketing Communications Management website (DMCM) I’m presently seeing over 1,200 visitors a month. Four hundred of the visitors are new, there first visit to the site. Three hundred visitors entered the site through the Articles Page but specifically to read the Seven Easy-to-Write Headlines That Sell. These visitors came to the site from links to these blog pages, or a LinkedIn discussion group, an email, another one of our sites, Twitter, Facebook or my LinkedIn Profile and company page. If someone ask which one, I can answer the question correctly.

Thirty seven people clicked on one or two additional pages before leaving the website.

Direct traffic, are those who went directly to a page, such as home, or from a bookmark, that spent 48 seconds during their visit.

Referral Traffic, such as from my LinkedIn profile page, spent 27 seconds, and search traffic, from all Search Engines, spent 20 seconds.


I could go on, but believe me it’s just the tip of an iceberg. If you want more data ideas, visit my LinkedIn profile page, the Pulse articles, starting from June of 2014 to now. There is an article on Data Management you will find very useful. Using the search button on this blog will provide you additional reading material.

Now it’s your turn.

How do you use data in your business? Are you pleased with the results? Please comment so we can share information with other visitors.

Thanks for reading and please share with others, except your competition.

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