Looking for a marketing difference maker requires some patience…

AlwaysThinkingand some detective work.

However, there is one tactical tool that can never be overused.

A variety of experts in digital marketing love using the word journey. Journey is probably a good word for inbound marketing. Journey reminds us inbound marketing is not an over-night sensation.

Engagement, and in some scenario’s relationship marketing, are two other words that go hand in hand as well.  Whichever one you prefer, it’s a hell of a lot longer than a short walk through the park, to see results. However, keep reading, I have the tools you need to cut that path to a viable length.

First, you must create awareness of your products. Fortunately, we have many digital and traditional channels at our calling. The most common tactical tool of choice is content.

It will take a variety of content and channel selection. Some content has a different look or delivery, and importantly, a little more relevant copy. Especially, as you learn more about what your market needs. Remember, the goal is engagement.

When you decide to purchase a new product or service you heard about, you research it. Will it help you solve a problem or provide an opportunity?

As you may have guessed by now, there is a strong resemblance to a B2B lead generating program compared with inbound marketing, but with more engaging content to move the buyer toward a purchase decision. You may also uncover a channel of choice to communicate with some potential buyers.

Whichever comes next, a potential buyer considering your product or service, you may have heard, “I’ll get back to you.” That’s code for “I need more information!” For most people, that’s like trying to run up the stairs in the Willis (Sears) Tower. In other words, they give up too soon.

Yes, an offer of something free or very useful is a difference maker.

A free offer is the heart of any lead generation program, so it’s equally important. I’ve always like using the term lead generation, reminding me of the phrase “having some skin in the game.” Maybe that’s the sports fan side of me mind taking over

The offer can be a free eBook, white paper, product sample, case study, special report, catalog, etc. It can be an item you already have. Or you can print an item, maybe in 3D, especially for your direct marketing mail offer. That’s a sure way to get to the decision makers desk!

Why should you give away anything? Because the point of this lead generating tactic is to identify prospects, so you need to push them to give up something, such as an email address.

Whatever else you choose as a content marketing tactic, think offer. Make sure it’s a different offer and relevant to whatever need you already have learned about your market target.

By offering something free, you make it easy for people to say, “Yes” and identify themselves to you.

Why not simply mail the free items directly to your list? Seriously? That prevents you from finding out who is interested and pinpointing those who are most worthy of getting another chunk of content.

However, if you get an opportunity to deliver it in person, that’s better than any other marketing channel.


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Thanks for reading and please share with others, except your competition.

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