Direct Marketing Marketing Strategy

Have you ever gone upstream in a boat without a paddle?

UpTheIf you’re company marketing is without a written strategy, you have now.

Direct Marketing is a strategy. Not a tactic.” Lester Wunderman.

Oh that wonderful word…strategy.

I’m not sure why strategy is so neglected in the small business market. A lot of business people love sports. The one sport with a gridiron is a very good example of a strategy to defeat the other team. Oh, I have heard the excuses

  • Maybe it’s the notion too much time is needed to develop a successful strategy (there is never enough time in the small business world).
  • or the need for it is simply misunderstood or confused.
  • or maybe it cost too many $$$

What’s yours?

I am always amazed to learn the lack of any written marketing strategy, (today, in the digital age, it could be an infographic) what I commonly refer to, the most profitable “S” word.

As it turned out, in many small businesses, a strategy to them was – “sales was marketing and marketing was sales.”

Ugh!!!!! If this is your thought process you need to rid yourself of that thought process. You can’t have one, (sales) without the other (marketing). And without a strategy, you’re up the creek without a paddle.

Speaking of boats.

Every holiday or any other celebration when our family gathered, my uncle always reminded me and anyone else nearby, of my first adventure in a boat as a kid. The boat only had one oar. At least I had one paddle and not in a creek – yet.

No matter how hard or fast I rowed, I kept going in a circle. I thought, “How will I ever get to the opposite shore to get my ice cream cone?” Still a weakness of mine to this day!

My uncle thought it was quite amusing as he watched from the pier. After he stopped chuckling, I received some valuable advice – he handed me the second oar.

I was amazed with the difference in using two oars. I could get to my destination and enjoy an ice cream cone. Or two cones if I have enough money left!

Before you embark on any direct marketing campaign using such tactics as direct mail, email, landing pages, or any of today’s social digital channels, the most important tool is your first oar, your marketing strategy.

What’s the second oar?
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