What Does It Take to Awaken Your Creative Gene?

Can creativity be taught?TrumpetMD

What does it take to be more creative? I believe we all have the capability to be creative. Being a writer and publisher of content, creativity is a crucial part of my daily activities.

My creativity is awakened by collaborating with others, reading, or presented a simple question like, “what can we do to make this (fill in the blank) better.

Failure is a component of creativity.

I have accepted the fact that failure is a critical part of creativity. When failure occurs, I file it in my brain and move on. Subconsciously, I believe that failure helps in providing solutions to problems I may encounter in the future.

What inspires creativity?

I love music. Jazz, Blues, Rock, etc. You name it and I have listened to it. Yes, even a polka.

In grade school, I was presented an opportunity to learn how to play the trumpet by a teacher who thought I had talent. After a few practice sessions at home, (I was only using the mouthpiece!) my father told me I’d become a great hunter of ducks with the unique sounds I was able to produce.

I was finally allowed to take the trumpet home to practice. I grew up in a typical Chicago neighborhood. Approximately, three feet separated us from the neighbors on each side of our house. I puckered my lips and started to practice. I let it all out, hoping my friends could hear the music I was making.

Unfortunately for me, the whole neighborhood heard not music, but a sound similar to fingernails being dragged across a chalk board.

My parents and neighbors had a party the day I returned the trumpet. I believed that instrument was cursed, as it never produced a good note.

Did I give up on a musical instrument?

Yes, but music remained a big part of my life. Since I couldn’t play an instrument, I decided to make music, but in a different way. I started building transistor radios and sold them. Yes, our next door neighbors enjoyed them more that my trumpet playing.

From there I went on to building stereo receivers, cabinets for speakers, and even a school science project using sound waves to clean jewelry.

From that point on, if people asked me if I played a musical instrument, I answered, “yes, the stereo!”


Creativity is finding a problem and determine a solution. At work, at home, in the garden and just about anything that presents a problem.

Some solutions are simple, some don’t work at first go around, and when you get it right, you tell the world. Or anyone that will listen. Yes, even my neighbors.

Where this is a will, there is a way. You may have more creativity than you originally thought.

How do you use creativity in your daily routine?

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