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How To Write Copy That Drive Sales

DrivingSalesJust make sure you know who you are writing to.

Writers in direct response or marketing, tend to be too vague, obtuse, and remote in communicating. To create copy that sells in your direct copywriting, be specific to do some serious selling.

For example, when you write, “It saves you money,” you are making an important point, but be precise. Come right out and tell the readers exactly how much you are saving them. “You save two bucks. You save $200. You save $2,000.”

When you claim, “It saves you time,” do not be vague. Let the readers know exactly how much time you are saving them. “You save an hour per day. You save a day a week. You save four days per month.”

When describing specific features and benefits, “New and Improved!” is too vague. Use dramatic descriptions that reveal in precise and appropriate detail exactly what makes your product new and improved.

If your product is extremely technical, watch out for too much of a good thing. “Our newest computer chip, generates 195 mega cycles of different data at a base of minus 150 degrees below zero when accelerated to a mega speed of 920 cyclic tic-tumbles per second.”

Too much precision is especially dangerous when you address two or more audiences with the same direct response or direct marketing mail piece. To wit, a single direct marketing mail piece needs to speak to the audience – manager and the engineers.

If you get too technical, the engineer may know what you are writing about, but the manager, who may control the budget, may not.


Know your audience. Technically uneducated and unsophisticated people buy some pretty sophisticated things. Some may let their ego get in the way when working with others (engineers) in the company. It’s important to share, just make sure your copy is shareable.

How do you make sure your copy is written for the targeted person?

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