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With the proliferation of content encircling the earth, I know it’s hard to believe everything you read and if you’re like me, I quickly decide if there is any value before I move on to something else.

What does raise a red flag about an article or post is if the title includes the word “tip” and “marketing” in a headline.” Don’t get me wrong, an occasional tip can enlighten many people, but not every tip offers value to all.

There are many tips offered to any small business marketer on how to better market their product and services. Here’s another point. Google the phrase “small business marketing tips.” My search disclosed over 85 million and it only took .27 seconds to build their list.

If marketing was easy, I’d have nothing to write about.

Because there are so many variables involved in marketing to your customers, one wrong “tip” used in your marketing can significantly ruin the response. Then on top of that, add in the “human element.” Depending on the type of day that customer is experiencing, your marketing message can be totally ignored.

The one constant I have always seen in successful business people is a vision and a focus to make their vision a reality. In today’s marketing it’s a must for every team member to have a vision and determined to find the right path to get them there.

If you need assistance to find the correct path, may I suggest you decide on a marketing strategy for guidance? I’ve listed a few marketing strategies for you to consider. If you like, develop a hybrid strategy of more than one strategy. Remember to keep the strategy short, sweet and right to the point – a path to reach your goal. Add on to your strategy as you use it and learn a few ideas. Many people get bogged down in their development of a strategy, that it never gets completed.

Can A Marketing Strategy Lead You Down the Right Path to the Right Customer?

A successful approach to a marketing strategy begins when a company wants marketing to increase revenue and customers. Consider building a marketing strategy based on –

  1. Your Company Products and Services
  2. Know Why Customers Make A Purchase
  3. Have Elite Customer Service
  4. Always Keep Marketing to Potential Customers

I’m not sure why a strategy is so neglected in anyone’s marketing program. I continually tell people to think of a strategy as a guide to beat your competition.

A few of the typical marketing strategies for many businesses are:

  • Dominance – Nobody has what we have, usually a product or service very difficult to copy.
  • Innovation – Re-make a stable, existing product or service better with new benefits. The product may cost less but that’s not always the case.
  • Horizontal Strategy – common ways to market by company size, geography or job title, among others.
  • Vertical Strategy – providing a product or service to a particular industry or customer type.
  • Diversification – increase profits by selling an already existing product to a new industry or customer type.

Now let us talk results.

A lot of business people love sports. A good example is football. Each team has a strategy to defeat the opponent. Each team creates a strategy based on the other

team’s weakness.

To help you see my point using a strategy, here’s a quote from one of the greatest minds of direct mail marketing, Lester Wunderman – Direct Marketing is a strategy. Not a tactic.” Using the mail is a tactical channel to deliver the marketing message. The creation of the copy and the offer or call-to-action is also a tactic. Learn more about the rules when using direct marketing.

What are The Right Tactics to Work with Direct Marketing?

Going back to the gridiron example, a tactic could be a position, such as linebacker. The route a linebacker takes to tackle or to make an interception, is considered as the marketing channel. The channel in your marketing could be an email, a sales presentation and even a Tweet. This blog link is also a channel.

Your strategy will dictate what tactics and channels are best for the company to reach their marketing goals.

Design and copywriting of the email, making a sales presentation or even using Twitter, helps persuade the contact to take action. The use of all the tactical tools found in your marketing toolbox, is similar to how a coach positions the players for offensive or defensive reasons, hoping to catch the other team by surprise.

Thinking About Adding a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy?

An added bonus of building a customer-centric marketing (CCM) strategy is creativity. Not just with the copy or design, product or service creation, but with everything that you do to grow your customers using outstanding, innovative customer service. Your team becomes more creative in customer service as they satisfy customer needs. Now that’s a win for your customers and the home team, your marketing team.

Two strategies are better than one. And when you think about it, all marketing is direct. Direct to your customers and prospects. Think about it – your customers and employees are becoming more valuable with each passing day.

The next time you hear of or read a tip, use the old words to the wise standby: If it sounds too good to be true, then it is not true.

In Conclusion…

More marketing dollars are wasted on what a business feeds their market and not what the market was looking for to feast on. Marketing strategy is not busy work and too many business people think it is not worth the time to create. It takes away too many “$’s.”

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