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Three basic personalization trends that can make…


or disconnect your consumers marketing communication channels.

When it comes to using personalization with other direct marketing tactics and channels – there is a chance to embarrass yourself and your company – and bringing about a response that is entirely opposite the one you were hoping for. Here are three basic personalization trends to check for potential disconnects.

1. Accuracy

Accuracy is the single most critical element when it comes to personalization. There is nothing more unbelievable when a message arrives personalized incorrectly. Receiving such a marketing message is an immediate turn off for many readers.

Consequently, do everything in your power to get your information right. When you’re not sure about a name or spelling, or any variable data, you have options:

  • Hope the data is right
  • Use personalization in moderation
  • Or not at all.

Before you answer, put yourself in the reader’s shoes. When you make a mistake once, maybe it’s only a typo, and then you can be forgiven. But when you make the same mistake a dozen times in the same correspondence, your error is blatant. It can also mean your marketing era at your present company is toast.

2. Personalization Goes Beyond the Name

Direct marketers today know that personalization is more than a name. When people think about personalization, they usually always think about names. In the digital age, your consumers expect you to know a little bit more than just a name.

Personalization can include any information that could be helpful to increase your marketing activity. Obvious fields could be birthdays, name of spouse, nickname, hobbies, vehicle make and model, lease termination date, education level, memberships in organizations, and so on. Think color in this area as well, especially if it is a special event.

The technology available today is more powerful than the past. Your customer service team can add a few other ideas about personalization that may have a bigger than expected outcome. It could be as simple as where to leave the package on delivery. Leave it somewhere else and the customer will find another company.

3. Never Stop Evaluating Your Data

Continually add to the good data you already have. Every time you come in contact with a consumer, use this opportunity to learn more –– and add what you learn to your database.

I’ve seen way too many marketing communications ruined by poor and out of date data. Every company needs to have a person make the data decisions. If a consumer has not made a recent purchase that goes beyond the norm, this data person notifies the customer service team to find out why. Whatever the results happen to be, the customer service rep forwards the new info to the head of data.

Don’t forget to your data analytics program. Data analytics not only shows you how consumers react to landing pages and social media messages, it is able to increase personalization accuracy and give you additional ideas for future testing.


The recent surge in mobile advertising opens up another channel for your customers to purchase your goods. Keep track of the data collected from mobile buyers. It’s just another way that technology is evolving that eventually affects your future marketing efforts.

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