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Direct-Removal_v1Can Directly Inspire Your Sales Team!

Direct marketing, but more specifically using direct mail, seems to fall into one of two categories: selling something today or setting the stage for selling something tomorrow or in the near future.

You don’t need to do all the selling in one day when DIRECT Marketing techniques are used to nudge along a prospect.

I’m not writing about a commodity product, such as shaving cream or a canister of coffee, or a service, such as lawn cutting. Either one can be had in a short walk or a quick phone call.

I’m writing about business-to-business or B2B companies who have a short or long lead time to make a sale. Either way, it pays you go DIRECTLY to the right people.

Setting the stage.

Imagine you are selling a specific product to Boeing for a new Air Force fighter plane. Once you get approval and finally sell the parts to Boeing, your then five-yearCowboyv2 old is now eight or entering high school.

This “setting the stage” is called lead generation…and it’s what DIRECT mail does with remarkable efficiency and finesse. Sometimes lead generation can be a simple, single-step activity such as:

  • A solo invitation to attend an event
  • Request a free sample
  • Or register online for this or that

What if you have a new technology product or app you’re trying to convince people to buy?

Engaging with the right people can be humbling for a lot of people. When you’re trying to create a relationship or deal with educating your market about a complex product or service, lead generation is a multi-step activity. Never move on to the next phase until you conclude the present one is correct.

TargetUrCustomersMail is a motivator even if the conversation changed to another channel.

When you use the mail and get a response… then you mail (or deploy or fulfill) again and they respond again… and so on. Eventually, you have assembled enough information to confirm you are on the right track.

DIRECT Marketing Mail, when used correctly, is a strong motivator to get the recipient to read all of the copy or simply skim the paragraph headings. The recipient may then decide to save the mail piece even if his interest does not create an immediate response.

DIRECT marketing mail techniques – copywriting – to design – to the call to action or offer – has everything you need to set the table for a purchase.

Add additional communication channels.

As you add additional communications channels that the potential buyer is keen on using, to finally receiving a response, they’re saying to you, “I’m interested… I’m listening.” Each time a prospect responds, they’re saying to you, “I’m qualified.”

And each time a prospect responds, you move closer to a sale… and more efficiently because you spend time with those prospects that are the most interested and qualified… and potentially most eager, ready, and willing to buy.

Using DIRECT Marketing fundamentals and techniques across all communication channels is the key to your success. And to keep your sales team running smoothly.

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