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InvisibleLook for the Invisible Typo!!

Our world is moving very quickly these days. And the faster it moves, the more likely we — as humans — are to make mistakes, both large and small.

When it comes to direct marketing —and all marketing for that matter —there’s nothing funny… nothing more counter productive… nothing so embarrassing as a typo. Not in a headline, not in a price or a phone number, not anywhere.


A wrong price, an incorrect expiration date, a juxtaposed word in the headline — they’re enough to ruin your day.

No one knows exactly where typos come from. Sometimes they seem to create themselves. But attempting to analyze where typos come from isn’t nearly as productive as finding them — and destroying them dead in their tracks.

Instead of just reading for typos from front to back, make a checklist of critical items you need to proof carefully.

Look at headlines. Everyone assumes headlines are accurate. After all, they’re big. So, who would dare set a headline incorrectly? But there’s no place worse for a typo to be.

Look carefully at expiration dates. There’s nothing worse than sending a message with an expiration date that’s already passed.

Look and look again at prices. When you do, you eliminate the embarrassment, the apologies, and the lost margin.FunnyCaesar

Look to make sure you’re consistent with style, capitalization, and format throughout all copy.

Try reading everything aloud. Not only are you more apt to catch a typo or two, but you’ll also make sure you’ve expressed yourself clearly, in language people can easily understand.

Crop_2Read it backwards. Read it from bottom to top.

And it always helps to have someone look at your artwork who has never seen it before.

Most importantly, don’t assume anything. Don’t assume that someone else has checked the artwork, product numbers, regular prices, discount percentages, email, website links, and so on.

While some people like to leave one typo in everything they do, just to see if anyone catches it, we think there are many games that are a lot more fun, and a whole lot less expensive to play.

What have you found to be a typo killer? Besides headline, what’s another good hiding place for typo’s?

Comments are cheerfully welcomed and responded to!!!

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