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Good Design Will Bring Your Message to Life…

monkeysClever Copy Writing Creates A Message Loud and Clear.

“Copy is King, Copy is King. Hail to the King!” I’ve heard it a thousand times. It’s true. Direct marketing is all about communicating a sales pitch, which can be done with words, illustrations and photos. That’s why good copy is so important in any direct marketing effort.

Develop content that leads to a dialogue.

But what about design? How important is the “look” of your direct marketing message? That’s a delicate question. A copy writer must collaborate with a designer by trading ideas and creativity. A great design enables the copy writer to articulate a creative story.MouthShut

When people talk about good design, they often mean a slick or impressive appearance. While that may be important for specific upscale items, such as an expensive car, stylist graphics and layout can make a difference in most direct and digital marketing. In fact, graphics and photographs can help draw in the reader to add clarity to the direct marketing message.

Great copy and design is critical in digital marketing.

Good design in direct marketing is really about how a written message is communicated. Think of it this way, a script is the written form of a stage play.MouthSlight

But if you want to experience a play, you don’t read the script, you attend the performance at a theater, where the words in the script are brought to life.

That’s what direct marketing design does. It takes the written copy and brings the message to life. It’s how creative content marketing copy is communicated to people. So in this way, design is a central part of the communication process.

Keeping the design simple and readable allows the recipient to act.

SmilingMonkeyDirect marketing design includes the fonts used to display the words, the way the words are laid out on the page, the colors, the photographs or illustrations, even the paper if a printing process is selected, the format of the piece, and so on.

In general, simple is better. The point of any direct marketing piece is to get people to read it. So keeping the design simple and readable allows for the message to come through loud and clear. A letter in type should look like a letter. Is this why infographics are so popular?

Any time the design calls too much attention to itself, it’s getting in the way of the message.

So is direct marketing design important? Sure. It’s very important. But it must work hand in hand with the copy to communicate the message and never get in the way.TheEndMonkey

Below are a few companies for specific tips on how to achieve good direct marketing design and copy.

Deposit Photos and Illustrations.




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