Beginners Guide: Learn the Basic Direct Marketing Tactics…

And use them today in your Digital Marketing.

DirectlyAheadThe Internet is filled with success stories about new, innovative direct marketing and mail ideas. The truth is that these campaigns make news because they are exceptions to the rule. Or by a company president who needs his or her hair stroked.

It’s good to learn about new and exciting tactics, but it’s vital to remind ourselves about the basics now and then. If you’re new to direct marketing tactics, here a few basics to try in future marketing programs.

  1. Sell high-quality products. Obvious? Yes. But, on rare occasions this quality issue may be ignored. Hucksters believe they can pawn off bad products if their copy is strong enough.

Selling good products that meet or exceed expectations is not only easier, but a smart way to boost repeat sales from satisfied customers.

  1. Sell products people already want. In earlier times, direct marketing was recognized as not a good tactical tool for creating new markets. For example, as markets exist today may be different, they change over time. See AMAZON.

Decades ago, very few people would have purchased a computer from direct mail. Today, computers, tablets and smart phones are purchased on the internet routinely. A knowledgeable market already exists for this product category.

  1. Market to a high-quality list that you are building. It all starts with your list of names and addresses. If you have the capability to identify people who like a particular product in your CRM, you may be halfway to making a sale.

Many smart direct marketing companies start by researching customer buying patterns in their CRM data, then use it to lease a prospect list. Developing products for those compiled lists can increase sales quicker and expand your product offerings.

  1. Make a compelling offer. The word “offer” is frequently misunderstood to mean “reducing your price.” It may be a lower price, however, an offer can be nearly anything that makes buying your product irresistible:
  • A free trial
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Get a free gift
  • A limited time to purchase,
  • Free shipping and deluxe versions, just to name a few.

Even when people want what you’re selling, you need to make an offer that compels them to act now rather than later.

  1. Sell to buyers. No matter how hard you try to create a complete list of potential buyers, not all lists are perfect. For example, did you know that lists can deteriorate at the rate of 25% per year?

A good number of the people on any list will not want your product no matter how forceful your copy or how compelling your offer. Ignore them. Add potential buyers to your CRM who requested information, but did not buy.

Imagine that you are in Times Square selling a nifty new product. Do you waste your time talking to all the people who pass by your booth? Or do you focus on talking to those who have stopped to listen to what you have to say? Always deliver a targeted message to likely buyers.

In our next post, we will provide you five other ways direct marketing is changing the marketing scene for the better. In the meantime, check out past posts for more direct marketing ideas.

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