Customer-Centric Marketing Marketing Strategy

Three Smart Strategies to Survive

3-Survival-tipsVtypeCustomers, clients or consumers…

we need them all if we are to survive.

When people hear the word marketing, they often think of efforts to acquire new customers. Now days, we are seeing marketing efforts move more toward relationships with a stronger focus on community. It also helps to know what customer’s need at any one time. Plus, it’s easier to keep a customer than trying to market for new ones.

From a marketing and business perspective, people who buy your products and services are called customers, clients or even just consumers. In the prehistoric days prior to social media, your customers fit into many categories. Some by age, geography, male or female and on rare occasions, even a simple customer profile.

The top category was the customer who would be around a long time. They were active, profitable and well, around for a very long time.

These customers were referred to as the “goldmine” because they provided high revenues throughout their lifetime.

These so called “goldmines” are still around, but just as there is a scarcity of real gold in them hills, so is this type of customer. And so are the companies who somehow remain in business.

The present day smart companies know that personalization methods can lead them to potential “goldmines” in their CRM database. With one exception. There customers have more expectations and it’s up to the company to learn as much as possible about them.

How do you get more personal?

Today’s databases are enabling companies to add the collected customer and prospect data in many different forms and segments to develop more relevant communications between them.

The increasing use of analytics measuring the effectiveness of communication channels as direct mail, email, social media, and mobile, provide very useful marketing information. The more you know, in a good way (avoid privacy issues) enhances the customer buying experience.

The three strategies of the trade.

Just as the gold miners use tools to get the gold out of the ground, you’ll need special marketing tools. For starters, the most important is a database to store the collected gold. The CRM’s of today are well worth the investment.

Secondly, the whole company, from the managers to the staff, must be on board for providing a better experience during the buying process for their customers. Employees in customer service know firsthand what customers like during the buying experience. Make sure they share this information with all employees throughout the company.

Third, people digest information differently. Even the slightest preference can be a marketing game changer. You may find a variety of customer buying experiences that can make a purchase easier and rewarding.

As any coach in a team sport knows, playing the best players on their rosters will lead to victories. Be smart like that coach. Put your best people in a position to win over the suspects and prospects, to customers. It might just feel like your team is winning the most gold medals. And, they probably are.

For additional ideas on the value of learning customer preferences, click here to learn the secrets on how a charitable organization gets more donations.

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