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How to Find the Right Marketing Skills When Hiring Today

A marketing skill set in this digital era can span across a very large horizon. A good skill set can also be defined by your marketing strategies. What prompted me to write this article? While doing research for newsletter articles, I ran across a few comments, one right after another that I want to first […]

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12 Creative Ways To Stay Ahead In The Marketing Game

Or How You Thought You’ve Seen Them All! Lately, a day does not pass by that a few hundred firms want my undivided attention. For this attention I can chose: Sign up for this XXXX webinar, or if you can’t attend we’ll email it to you so you may squeeze it into your leisure time […]

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Five Facts About Awareness That Will Motivate Your Marketing Team…

 and help to build your customer base. The word awareness has a variety of meanings and connotations depending on its use. Awareness can be easily confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. For example, if a passerby asks another person where the nearest candy store is, what usually comes to mind is the one closest […]

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The Key Benefits Of Creating A Media Calendar

Don’t let the lack of content slow down or stop your business communications. Creating a consistent flow of high-quality content is a challenge for even the most experienced content marketers. I can’t even start to count the “lack of content” questions I hear and read about. However, when I get that question, it’s an opportunity […]