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12 Creative Ways To Stay Ahead In The Marketing Game

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Lately, a day does not pass by that a few hundred firms want my undivided attention. For this attention I can chose:

  • Sign up for this XXXX webinar, or if you can’t attend we’ll email it to you so you may squeeze it into your leisure time
  • An article titled, “Seven Golden Rules to Keep Acquiring More Customers”
  • An email in my inbox that has only a few hundred links for additional information

The trouble is, I, and probably you, don’t have a lot of free time for irrelevant content. I spend most of the day helping companies get more customers.

OK, I admit to adding content to the market as well, but please, don’t kill the messenger. I realize there is enough content floating around the internet. I compete against any content, advertisements and the like on a minute by minute basis.

As I wrote in my MarketingDoc blog last week, 11/11, me and everyone else in the world is competing for people’s awareness.

Presentation2What I did.

I stay focused on marketing and divide to master. For example, the word marketing. It’s in our company name. Marketing is found in the name of this blog. So, I decided early on as an entrepreneur, I needed to diversify the company offering. Here’s how I started and my reaction to change:

  1. Marketing for small business.
  2. Direct marketing strategy for a small business.
  3. Customer-Centric marketing strategy.
  4. Persuasive Direct Mail copy.
  5. Segmenting customers based on lifestyle, age, and other determined criteria.
  6. Using software such as ACT! to record preliminary findings by testing.
  7. Data Management Strategy to gain a better understanding of customer wants and needs.
  8. Use Relationship and One-to-One marketing strategies leading to better customer engagement.
  9. Customer-Relationship Management software for better data management and mining.
  10. Data analytics to assist mapping the customer journey.
  11. Relevant marketing communications through a variety of channels.
  12. Update data to direct the right message to the right customers.

At each point in my list, marketing directly to each customer, gets closer. Today there are many marketing tools and ways for you to consider adding to your marketing arsenal.

If you ever find yourself weighing what may or may not work. Remember this:

The two most important tactics in marketing is how your company markets and how the recipients react. Try as you may, the customer is always in control.


Some readers may say the twelve ways to be creative are not and there is nothing new.

I say they are needed to get customers to buy. How you get them to interact for better marketing is creative. To those readers I ask: how many are you using on a regular basis?

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