How to Find the Right Marketing Skills When Hiring Today

A marketing skill set in this digital era can span across a very large horizon.

A good skill set can also be defined by your marketing strategies.

What prompted me to write this article?

While doing research for newsletter articles, I ran across a few comments, one right after another that I want to first share with you.

First: “The variety of different strategy models is often overwhelming for both practitioners and businesses alike.”

DataManagementSecond: “A look at a number of recent reports and surveys shows that while there is an appetite for using data more wisely, and an intention among top executives to use data more, there are still many companies not using data as effectively as they could.” Bruce Robins commenting on a survey this year by Hewlett Packard.

One can be a lot work and the other does not have to be. Let’s start there.

I look at a direct marketing as a strategy and since this is considered the “Age of the Customer” prompted by most marketing people, I’ll share a few employee marketing skills that I would look for using direct marketing and customer-centric marketing strategies.

Direct-Removal_v1A direct marketing strategy.

My favorite strategy, direct marketing, was made precisely for a small business. Direct to the customer. There is no middleman. Compelling writing is your “sales person.” Use words that sell. Make a customer an offer he or she couldn’t refuse.1

Visuals and design help pull the reader into the copy. Pictures of people using the product is a great tactic.2

There are many tactical channels to use to reach your customers. The top two are direct mail (everyone has a mailbox) and email (is more than likely number two).3

In the early days of direct marketing, direct mail (AOL Floppy Disks) and then interactive video’s (i.e., Sham Wow) captivated people to make a purchase. The purchases disclosed customer buying patterns which led to list companies building great lists of people who made purchases, by focusing on demographic and lifestyle traits.


  • Building customer profiles
  • Simple segmentation
  • Analyze to tantalize “like prospects” to buy
  • Creativity
  • Conception to innovation with motivation to see the results and then ask “why?”
  • An employee must to be part detective and very analytical

Need more: Visit DMCM or type direct marketing in the search box above on this blog.

Strategy-WCustomer-centric Marketing Strategy.

As the name implies, the customer is everything a company can do to reach out to them using relevant marketing communications and creative tactical choices. The customer is always in command and buying patterns may change quickly. Maybe today for instance.

Customer-centric marketing is a strategy that a small business can use to build better business. Each customer means a lot more to a small business than the larger companies. Then why do many companies think each customer is the same? Or a prospect is, well, just a prospect?

A company must capture as much marketing information as possible.

Capturing data takes a variety of methods. There is data analytics (think Google).Testing methods, such as A/B. Or direct mail. Using many communication channels to reach customers (email, website landing pages, Facebook, postal mail, LinkedIn, etc.).

Yes, this is an exhaustive list and there are many more tactics you can add to the list. People can be compared but everyone in a simple segmented list is not the same.

This is why data is so neglected. Data management is a lot of work. People who analyze marketing data don’t always come to agreement with their findings. BigDataHowever, whenever math is involved, what you hypothesize can be tested.

The interpretation, recording, and updating data is difficult. Unless you’re selling a commodity or to bots, customers can change direction on a dime. And they do.

Data and the KISS method were made for each other.

That is no excuse not to have a data strategy. If you believe in a customer-centric marketing strategy, you need data to make it work. Even the simplest amount of data can reap results. That’s the best place to start.

Here are a few ideas to consider in the hiring process being customer-centric:

  • All employees need to learn as much as possible about customers. Hire nosey people.
  • Employees must share their thoughts and ideas about customers with other employees. Make it competitive.
  • Make sure all employees provide customers with value added, no cost services. Give employees the capability to correct customer problems.
  • When customers are happy, they share the experience with others. Hire people who like to talk.
  • Testimonials are a great addition to use in your marketing and with the sales team. Again, employee competition will make a difference.

From the employer’s point-of-view it is critical to have a great working environment. Every employee must feel that their work is important to meet business goals as well as their personal goals.

For example, customer-centric companies always seek marketing managers with a proficiency in several disciplines. At this point, you probably have guessed that’s a smart hiring tactic to use.


For additional information on a customer-centric marketing model, visit our website and read traits number 1, 2 and 3.

Here are a few links on a Direct Marketing Strategy you’ll find helpful.

Read direct marketing copy tips to make you a winner.1

Good design will bring your message to life.2

Email Marketing with Direct Mail is a Lead Magnet.3

Thanks for reading and please share.

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  1. Another tip to add here is personalization. It may not seem like much, but going the extra mile to personalize your direct mail will increase the odds that the recipient will respond.

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