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Thinking About A New or Refurbished Content Marketing Program In 2016?

Here’s four ideas to think about adding to your content marketing.

News1. Why Content Marketing?

The work force of today needs information to help them do a better job at acquiring and keeping customers. Many companies are providing educational and instruction courses on and off line.

2. Do you provide products that YOU think are simply ready to install?

Though it may seem simple enough to install, has your engineering team created new features to enhance your products and services? Performance? Pricing? Being known as an industry solution provider is a great branding technique to share with anyone.

When providing good, educational and instructional content, for your products and services, readers have a place to turn to for help. Content marketing is a Contenttestament to the notion that people don’t want to be sold to — they want to be informed, empowered, engaged and always innovative.

Think about the sociological implications of content marketing. We all know the traditional methods of advertisements are aggressive. But not content. If content is not informational and educational, then it’s not content marketing.

3. Content marketing is far-reaching, enduring and beneficial.

As opposed to advertisements, and other types of promotions, content marketing is timeless. Content when published never goes away.

Innovation is a must have powerful tool to write about. Especially when it satisfy the needs and expectation of your customers. Not just on the engineering side, include marketing and sales. Innovation seems to occur more frequently when you have a mixed team, each one bringing their own thoughts for discussion.

Empowering your team to collaborate with customers to learn the ways they are using the product, is a great place to start, or if already in place, to write about.

The ability to reach a large audience with a quality piece of content can bring notoriety and kick up the company’s ROI a notch or two. When it comes down to it, content marketing is an effective and lasting way to reach potential customers without destroying the budget.

Brands4. Content marketing is an economical way of branding for your business.

Most companies use content marketing strategies because they wish to build a reputation for themselves which is not possible in any other way for a specialty business.

With the help of a good content marketing strategy, the readers your company reach, feel much better about who you are and about the facts related to your expertise.

On a tactical side of marketing, content marketing is a very good SEO tactic which helps to bring more traffic to your website. SEO experts love to use content marketing, because this is a good way they can attract targeted traffic to a website.

Strategy-WIn summary, strategic content marketing:

Provides timely and better content –

The writing exudes strong industry knowledge and innovation–

Your team uses analytics for measurement and relevancy.

What about gated content? There’s been much debate about this issue. If you do case studies with a lot of data or thinking about writing an eBook, you may want to share those first with your customers. Eventually test them with Call-to-Actions and landing pages. You’ll have your answer.

MediaCalendarFor additional ideas on content marketing, such as a media calendar and research ideas, please visit this post from November of this year.

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