How To Create The Essential Data Analytical Mindset…

and become more creative in marketing.

A website hosting company offers a variety of tools to use for checking your website statistics. You can track data hourly, daily, monthly or whatever time period you want to analyze.

Here is a list of website terminology as provided by my hosting company.

Hits: A hit is a request to a web server for a file. This file can be a page or even an image. Because a page may share a couple of files, a hit does not mean one file.

Visitors or Users: Our hosting company prefers visitors. A visitor is just an identifier of a computer, not a person.Relevancy

Unique users or visitors: An IP address plus a further identifier as a web cookie. I view unique as a better indicator of visitor value. Also, it’s the lower number of website users and visitors from the hosting company.

Page views: a request to load a single HTML file (web page) of an Internet website.

MakeupFaceB&WUse eyes-wide-open when analyzing website data.

I use GOOGLE ANALYTICS daily and record my data from each website in an Excel spreadsheet.

I am especially interested of the time a visitor spent on a particular page, an article or a landing page. It is an indicator of interest of a particular post or page that needs further interpretation.

When I enter my Google Analytics dashboard, I click on behavior, all pages and the articles selected are listed in order of top traffic down to the least.

If you are using landing pages, or need an entrance or exit page, there’s plenty of data here to collect.

What about new site visitors? Using direct marketing techniques to reach more customers, there’s a place to see how your ideas are working.

Check out your audience in the dashboard and click on overview. Google lets you pick and choose data appropriate to your needs. I separate my audience in direct, referral, and search traffic. Google places all this data into pie charts for a quick overview.

Google separates the data into returning visitors and new visitors, by numbers and percentage. Scrolling downward in my dashboard, I learn average session duration, bounce rate and new sessions.

Looking further at average session duration, it is broken into 3 parts; direct, referral and search traffic.

WeLuvDataKeep learning, keep studying data.

As you can see there are many options present in Google Analytics. As a direct marketer you can get most of the information needed to check and change your approach to get the best advantage from your marketing data.

Start small and keep expanding your analytics based on what your customers are telling you through their data.

Look closely at your data for trends, such as what is a better day to send a marketing message. Or time of day. I found that sending an email during the third week of the month right after the noon hour, got me the most opens.

OutOfTuneOn final note. Data analysis results may vary from one team member to another. This paints a wider horizon of ideas, leading to more creativity and eventually, a bigger marketing response rate.

I created many direct marketing campaigns with less information but used what I had to the fullest.


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