Here’s how to stop thinking about opens, click throughs and any advertising that interrupts…

Start thinking about direct marketing – it works hard for you everyday.

Why does direct marketing by DMCM work all the time? You’ll see how when you have the code.

Your market wants personalization, relevant communication, relationships, selected marketing channels and engagement. More importantly, the right product, at the right time and the right place using the right data. The only time your market talks about advertisements that interrupt, occurs on and after the date when the Super Bowl is played. And that time is way less than the game actually lasted.

DirectMarketingWhiteBoardRadio, television, magazines and newspapers.

In my opinion, the companies that are still producing content, in order to survive, will need to continually re-focus and narrow their target market. For example, most major market shows, one hour in prime time, the television advertising is about one-third of the average show.

What are people doing? Saving time by streaming.

Not long ago on a trip to my doctor’s office, I forgot my phone. I found myself playing whack a mole with the channel selector to find something I liked. When I did pay attention, the advertising breaks ran anywhere from four to six minutes, three or four times within the hour.

Why did iTunes and other music venues become so popular? There’s an app for that.

Some things are easier said than done. PersonalizationW

Starting in 2008, many companies in a variety of industries, were hit hard by a lack of sales,  lower revenue and the fizzling of the economy. Within my industry of printers and direct marketing and mail, the struggles many companies faced to stay alive, gradually took their toll.

The companies still around today have found their niche, or bought out by competitors, and learned to work with leaner revenue. The industry is still shrinking today.

Do you know what your market wants from you as a provider?

AlltheTinyPeopleGenerally, I believe most companies do but there is still much room for improvement, especially in marketing data. For examples, take a quick trip to Twitter. It’s nice to have a lot of followers but what do you know about them? If so, what’s the percentage.

Switch gears and head over to LinkedIn. How many connections have you made? What are they worth to you in time? Money?

If you are still searching for answers to these questions, assess your present marketing program. You know it can be better. How long can you continue to plow your money into advertising that barely works, hoping you’ll survive another day?

Or you can commit to successful direct marketing, using multi-channel communications and treating data as king because that’s where you’ll meet and learn more about your customers. And new customers.

Here a good example. Who am I talking about?machine_50pc-44

The company is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking.

This year, they passed $100 billion in annual sales and serve 300 million customers,” said the CEO in his statement accompanying the 4th quarter report for 2015. The company is still the world’s leader in e-commerce, going strong in a broader retail industry where giants such as Walmart, for instance, are closing more than a hundred stores across the U.S. The company is approximately 20 years old.

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