Digital Printing and Going Green Are Both Worthwhile Goals, but…

Failing to feed the “missing link” makes a green goal attainment impossible.

The Postal Service is now making money, albeit in shipping packages, and recently will start rolling back some postal prices.

In addition, some of the larger B2B companies are using unusual shape and size packages to get past the office gatekeeper and on the desk of some decision maker in upper management.

Even old but reliable direct mail is getting a re-birth, especially usage in multi-channel or Omni-channel marketing programs and campaigns.

If the present is anything like the for seeable future in digital marketing, you may need to dust off or find your step-by-step print specifications.

Digital Printing… Increased ROI and Going Green.  

DirectlyAheadBack in the fast-paced world of direct marketing and mail printing, it always took a reminder to slow down and look at your production and printing while still in proofing and even film.

More importantly today, look at the move to digital printing. Here are a few important reasons your future mail recipients can appreciate.

In the early phase of digital printing, everyone was promoting this type of printing as an opportunity for marketers to increase response and lower postage costs. And if you were in the “going green” mode, it met your PR expectations to a “T.” Such as helping to save a tree.

If a person was unable to save a tree, it was always a smart move to use better and safer inks.

Instead of producing 50,000 copies of a single document, delivering a single message to those same 50,000 customers, using variable data printing, one can print 50,000 unique documents with customized messages for each customer. The result is the ability to create more targeted, effective campaigns by adding a variety of digital channels, such as your website or Facebook.

The returns from your mailing can double the normal return when using a basic personalized communication, hopefully using a CRM to see an higher return for fully variable jobs. In addition, using digital printing, you also reduce the environmental impact of offset printing. There is reduced waste and inventory, which also helps to lower costs.

The “Missing Link?”

Even when using digital printing it pays to invest in data management. In the past few years, some of the wind was removed from the sails of digital printing. For example, to experience a better return in going digital, knowing what the customers want and like, increases your chances to sell more product. That has always been a given.

These are all worthwhile endeavors and done right will likely increase your business or for the non-profits, your donations. That’s clear a advantage of a customer-centric marketing strategy. Here’s a question you need to ask yourself.

How good is your data? 

DataManagementIn data management, people see data compiled from a variety of different sources. Some can come from social media, content marketing, a blog or even an email newsletter.

When no one bothers to update and record customer data, that’s a lot worse than not going green. To reach any type of a decent response without data management is a nightmare. Nightmares don’t come cheap.

Here’s a headline I recently came across while reading Direct Marketing News:

Connected Customer Journeys… more than 80% of marketing departments lack marketing technology and data skills.

What does this mean to you? What is your answer?

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