Data mishandling is costly – 3 simple steps to eliminate it today!

“I must have better data information!”

Since my expertise is direct marketing, I am very familiar with that phrase. So I thought for a second or two and did a quick search of our publications in our Library of Marketing to determine when I first heard the phrase. Here’s what I found.

1. I searched this blog with the keyword, data. There I discovered five posts from the start of 2015 to the present.

I added the query data management and arrived at 19 posts since the start of 2014.

2. In a blog I posted on October 1, 2011, “What is the Number One problem with successful marketing communications today?”

My Answer – data mishandling or the lack of a policy what to do with company data.

I shifted from researching my blog and looked at the Direct Marketing and Mail Success publications.

3.In the Spring of 2007, an article appeared in our On Target publication with the following lead-in sentence: “Mailing to large numbers of people, hoping that OnTARGETsome will respond, isn’t proper list selection and deployment.”

OK, this one will work for this discussion. This is another example of disruptive advertising.

I wondered out loud, “Was there more? How far back in time should I go?

DMS_19934. I went back farther and found an article from the Fall of 2002, Direct Mail Success. An article titled Capture Customers… featuring the latest technology in a CRM program, which will assist your data in helping you “Capture Customers Share of Mind, leading to an unparalleled increase in your direct mail response.”

Oh boy, I guess mind games are better than nothing. Did it work?

My point. Start simple, but start and be smart.

Since I began my journey as a small business owner in the 1980’s, the biggest deterrent to success that I faced, was a lack of good quality lists of companies and contacts to target for my customers. However, customers when taught how to start data collection, segmenting and targeting to reach a contact profile, their results were always better.

I received an email announcement from Lindsay Hutter, Senior Vice President, Communications/PR at DMA & Co-Executive, Data Driven Marketing Institute on Friday, March 11th regarding an upcoming event. In addition, she added the following:

“It’s no question that data touches every one of our lives. DMA CEO Tom Benton wrote last week about the extraordinary power of data and how we as marketers can use data for good. I encourage you to check out his blog here:

Here are three simple steps to eliminate data mishandling in your company.Conquer-CCM

  1. 1. If your company database has data files that are 24 to 36 months old without any updates, simply delete it from all computers and hard drives, never to be seen again.
  2. 2. With the remaining data, start doing a simple analysis of the data. Geographically, good customer, good prospect, SIC, revenue, title, industry, or just about anything that yields a better view of the data. In this step, simple is better.

3. Buy new data based on your analysis. Test your hypothesis to make sure you are on the right path. This is the surest way to profitability.

Data mishandling is costly – eliminate it today!

For added insight…

10 Ways to Catch Big Game… while correctly building a database that works!

Knowledge is Power!

WeLuvData“Together, Innovation, Motivation and Collaboration is the Now.”

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