One size fits all is great for socks…

 but your customers want a better fit.

Your copywriting must be relevant to your customers.

EVERY potential customer cares more about their own situation, and prefers to read copy that is addressed to them (“second person”).

Great ideas to help you think.

Today a copywriter must use personalization not just in the name or address, but the words he or she uses to grab more than a few seconds of attention. For this reason, personalization is crucial to creating relevance and connecting with customers and prospects in a meaningful way.

As an example, a copywriter for a firm marketing to medical practices, must know how to market to medical practices. Every industry has specific issues and regulations to follow for better marketing results. Yes, HIPPA is just one of them in medical marketing.

In order to start on the right foot, a medical copywriter may need to write about their product efficiencies to reduce operating costs, how quality initiatives can position the practice to improve reimbursement and know that relationships matter, just naming a few.

Nuances about B2B Marketing. LinkedIn-Post-Nov20

B2B copywriting success may depend on finding the precise mix of language that resonates with your audience. Success or failure can just as easily rest on not understanding the industry nomenclature.

If you want your customer or prospect to read any ad, email, landing page or direct mail, the reader must gain value from information that is new, different, or will otherwise provide benefit to them.

If you state upfront that you’re telling them something they already know, you will lose their interest and they will move on to something else.

B2B and Direct Marketing.

Direct-Removal_v1Direct marketing copywriting uses effective copy that needs to always focuses on the prospect. Just as you can lose a reader by already telling them what you know, and as you guessed, your prospects don’t care about you or your company.

B2B copywriting must always focus on the customer, the benefits and the writing is the same way you would say it face-to-face.

Your direct marketing copy should always reduce verb phrases, change wordy phrases to less words, and avoid nouns such as “in the area of” is just another clutter sentence.

In summary…

As they say, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of direct marketing books just on copywriting. The one that is always handy when I’m writing, is my copy of “Words that Sell,” by Richard Bayan.

Let me hear from you. What are some of the unique ways of marketing in your industry? How is the copywriting affected by your industry?

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