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Thinking tactically rather than strategically…

is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting better results.

Very few small businesses would take the time to develop a full-blown marketing “strategy” for themselves.

In most cases, they wait for an “opportunity” to come their way. When the sales representative from ACME SEO Company calls, the owner or a manager taking the call may start dreaming about having the highest rankings in Google for their industry.

When the local social media consultant sends an email about Facebook advertising and what it can do for your business, the manager or owner agrees to meet and hear the exciting new ways to spend a lot of money.

No matter who is the one ringing or spamming you, these are “tactics” –– casual, unplanned, shoot-from-the-hip responses within the total scheme of things. While they may be worthy activities, they don’t support a comprehensive marketing strategy. Some of the larger companies have a different name for this marketing activity. Let’s see what is best suited for your company.

Reactive marketing is still very active.

Today many companies are still using a reactive form of marketing and not taking full advantage of the newer digital marketing.

This reactive marketing represents what is seen on TV, in newspapers, and what we hear on the radio. More likely than not, reactive marketing cost a lot of money for only a few eyeballs that actually consider to make a purchase.

Companies using reactive marketing have products or services, old ones or something new just launching, and use those channels to shout loudly and frequently to create an awareness to which people hopefully will react.

That is also disruptive marketing when it invades your privacy. It becomes harder to get the attention of a buyer. Does it make sense to spend a lot of money for hope?

Disruptive or Reactive?

Last week’s post, “How to Use Direct Mail Basics and Avoid Disruption in Your Marketing Activities,” discusses a form of disruption that signals a departure from the norm. For example, to develop a creative marketing campaign which will be remembered and acted upon. Yes, some are acted upon but the real question is at what cost?

Advertisements spewed all over the marketing landscape in direct mails day were a form of “disruption.” A lot of money was wasted on Direct Mail that apparently no one wanted. Spray-and-pray was another name for “disruptive advertising” using direct mail. Very few direct mail campaigns were ever remembered for their creativity, such as the AOL campaign ushering in a collaborative medium of using the World Wide Web (WWW). A small business could not afford either choice. The best choice is to…

To think strategically means to plan, PLAN, PLAN.

Direct-Removal_v1The answer you need to remember when thinking of using a disruptive or reactive marketing activity, is to start CCMthinking about where you are as a business today and where you want to be tomorrow. With your answers to these questions in the form of goals, you set out to define your business and go after marketing to your customers at full throttle, making sure that every piece of marketing you do supports the master marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing is a real thing which works for many companies and must be in your master marketing strategy. Using Direct Marketing and Customer-centric strategies are great ideas to kick start your business marketing and hit the ground running.

And one more thing.

More marketing dollars are wasted by companies “shooting from the hip” than you can imagine. So, always give yourself a cooling down period of at least several days from the time you think about doing something until you actually say “Yes.” If you have a master strategy, verify that the tactic under consideration supports the strategy. If it doesn’t, forget it and move on!

Please share with others, except of course, your competition.

“Together, Innovation, Motivation and Collaboration is the Now.”

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