4 toolsets to use in direct and customer-centric marketing strategies to

beat out the competition!

Go motivate a customer to buy today!

First off, it’s never that easy to get someone to part with their cash. Even in the old days, that would never happen, unless you happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right answer your customer just wanted to hear.

Marketing today is a consistent delivery of value to each and every customer. Your marketing must be centered on listening to your customers and building business relationships.

Discover an answer for proven results.

Marketers use the toolset in direct and customer-centric marketing strategies, tweaking their programs as they learn more about customers and their buying patterns. They’re called toolsets because they help you get the job done right.

A mechanic may ask for a wrench. Is it five-eights or seven-eights? US or metric? Is it an open end wrench or closed? Is a socket wrench better?

Marketing changes can occur at any time, so it pays to learn more about customer needs every single day, recognizing ideas and opportunities to meet near term goals. Today’s marketers need a good toolset to claim as many customers as possible.

To stay ahead of the competition, look closely at:EyesHurtWeb

  • The frequency of communications for each customer segment.
  • How do we reach a qualified target audience and what feedback do we receive in return?
  • Consistently creating offers that motivate and inspire action from our customers and prospects.
  • A CRM is a great tool to use with marketing and sales.
  1. Frequency. The frequency of your marketing messages is critical – some people use it too much, most not enough and others, incorrectly. Like the blue/green photo on the right. By using marketing automation, you are able to develop the correct frequency for prospects and customer segments.

As you start to unwrap the many layers of your data, this new found information can prove to be a gold mine. Copywriting is more compelling, design is more eye catching, and the message is more relevant to the receiver. Yes, the response from those you selected to receive the message increases. Soon everyone in your company will be on the right marketing frequency.

  1. Reach out and connect with me. Your customer is human, so there is a level of uniqueness each one of us has to determine if the offer is worth pursuing. This level of uniqueness may lead you to build two, three, four or more customer segments to target.

Use that to your advantage when you are trying to make connections. A single phrase or a different headline to a specific segment may be the difference in making that next big sale.

When you begin to market to specific segments the messages become more relevant to the receiver. As you keep collecting data, analysis either confirms the message was right or needs additional tweaking.

A goal for this “reach out and connect with me toolset,” is to arrive at the intended receiver with your message when the time is right. Now, with your new found knowledge, this becomes easier to achieve. If the receiver finds the message relevant and/or timely, the odds are excellent that it will be read and acted upon.

  1. Have I got an offer for you! You now see there are many advantages of adding marketing automation to discover what proven frequency and reach can EyesHurtTestoneadd to the success of your marketing and sales teams. But sometimes you need that extra kick for the reader to take action.

It just may be to make a specific offer to get them to act now. When’s the last time you watched an infomercial? Was the offer something like not one, not two, but three for the price of one and you only pay the shipping? 

Now it’s your turn to play like the “Sham Wow Guy.” Creative offers become easier after studying the data in your CRM and know what people respond to.

  1. The CRM

The CRM is one tool you need that can accelerate the results from using the top toolsets of direct and customer-centric marketing. By using data fields, tracking and scheduling capabilities found in a contact relationship management system (CRM), you are able to build better business and engage in more customer relationships. This knowledge is powerful.

A CRM provides you with the capability to add another toolset and analyze your collected prospect and customer information. Add a data analytics program such as Google’s and even more ideas begin to pop up at you next team gathering.

You’re are only as good as the tools you have to use.

Yes, a CRM is a great tool to use with marketing and sales. It does take work but it makes you money, just like the auto mechanic done the street. You need to think of it as any quality asset on your company books. It’s such a good asset, that you‘ll find daily usage makes marketing easier and learn what makes your customers are eager to buy.

And that’s what you need to succeed in the small business world today!

Want some additional ideas when using a CRM? Check out this post.

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