Four building blocks to a first-class small business growth and development strategy…

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“If business growth is all about your marketing and sales effort, which one adds more to the bottom line?”

And the answer is in the next few paragraphs.

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Most small businesses are very good at one or the other but rarely very good at both. The reason is a blurring of the role of marketing and sales in a small business.

In today’s small business climate, I believe more of the impetus is placed on sales. I do not have any data to support my sales answer, only observations over the years.

Email may be a good communication channel for both marketing and sales, but someone selling hundreds of thousand email addresses, only means more spam in our email in-baskets. Doubtful answer.

There are more papers, presentations, hot customer lists to buy and messages shouted from the mountain top from many of the largest corporations vying for your time. Doubtful. A content marketing strategy is more complicated.

Even some of the advertisements I see or read about are not benefit specific, but hoping someone in the mass of people will respond. Doubtful. This is not cost effective and many are still shaking their head why for trying.

So depending on which one the management team is comfortable with, it could be one or the other, or usually, which tactical tool costs the lowest to initiate. Small budget path is littered with broken tactical tools.

The most logical answer is:

“Either one will grow the business if management makes sure there is a strong commitment, of people and money, to the sales and marketing effort.

 Don’t be a copycat. 

OverThinking_webToday, the future success of an organization’s sales is based on its business growth and development strategy. This strategy is a blend of marketing and sales that has evolved over the years that provide results needed to keep a business growing.

But somewhere down the line, business growth became stagnant. Eventually when a small business finds a new customer, an existing customer somehow disappears. It becomes more difficult to meet business growth goals.

In my experience, a first-class business growth and development strategy for a small business is predicated on four basic business building blocks. These are:

  1. The business must have a complete understanding of customers and prospects needs and wants, and sells them the products and services to meet those needs and wants.
  2. Successful sales growth strategy requires a focus on the basic skills of prospecting, lead generation, and selling.
  3. A business must define “what is a sales lead” and what are the steps to take to nurture the lead into a customer.
  4. Provides a customer service strategy that encourages more and repeat business.

So, why is business growth and development more challenging today?

Because a large percentage of businesses will increase their sales activity which is a hopeful solution and is not based on a defined growth strategy using the tools of direct marketing. (Remember: the sales process is a tactical component of marketing).

As first noted above, most small businesses usually do not excel at both sales and marketing. Most businesses turn to sales because that is a short-term effort that brings results only in the near-term.

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