6 points to help you finally crack the code,

why all marketing is direct.

Learn the six points of value that successful small businesses call “smarter marketing is all direct.”

The group at DMCM taught many company managers or owners that direct marketing with the US Mail was not complicated when you followed the basics. One customer compared this to the phrase, “it’s not wise to jump into a pool of water without checking the temperature or its depth.”

Take a good look at the direct marketing illustration. If I tell you the collection of fundamentals and techniques is just the beginning of learning direct marketing, you will see my point of starting with the basics. They prepare you for additional learning.

Our focus as a business is to assist small businesses and customers to understand and learn smarter marketing. Our approach for the use of coaching and teaching our direct marketing knowledge is a game changer.

“Marketing is a consistent delivery of value based on ongoing listening and meaningful engagements with customers.”

Point #1. Your customers are fickle.

HuhA long time ago, our agency went after potential customers by building what we thought at the time were good customer profiles of companies who needed our services.

A couple of sales letters were written to test our assumptions. Each letter was followed up with a phone call to see if our profiles made sense and, or if, the assumptions were out in left field.

Then we used collected information from the phone calls to fine tune our profiles. Would you believe me if I said our results led us into a different direction?

To be a successful ad agency selling marketing services to small businesses, learning each customer’s needs, was logically the first point

Point #2. Marketing is subjective.

EmalVsDirectMail copyAs the agency moved forward, more customer assumptions were made and tested with our target market profiles. I learned early on in my research, change in the small business market was the only constant.

Our agency learned how valuable it was for any small business to maintain a customer focus, learning more about them and heir needs.

As the agency grew, many different small businesses in a variety of industries, used our marketing services. Each one of our clients taught us how important it was to keep pace with change and react to change with an appropriate response.

Today, with better testing and a slew of analytics from a variety of channels, the information is obtained much quicker, and better!

Point #3. Invest wisely.

shovelSpend time and money to learn how marketing works for your company, for each market you serve. If you serve a variety of industries, your customers will advance your marketing goals each and every year.

What you will learn is the importance to know as much as possible about your target customers, while using a variety of communication channels and sharing your industry knowledge with them. Leadership and trust are very important elements of B2B marketing.

Point #4. Customer value can dictate your marketing offer.

A_Chest_of_GoldCustomer value should influence more than just the format of your marketing communications. It should dictate what you offer – an app for healthcare or a new product to disrupt an existing industry.

Customer value should affect how often you communicate with prospects and customers. Customer value can affect your direct marketing strategy.

Point #5. Do something different.

In the early 90’s, a charitable group, wanted to raffle off a brand new house. They needed to raise a half-million dollars within six months for helping with the eradication of polio.

Greenbacks-flowingInstead of doing the ordinary and requesting $100, $250 or even $500 from their members, they did something different. They sent out a letter to the many home builders in the area, with an idea to build a quarter-million-dollar home at a reduced price, for the charity.

For example, each summer the areas builder’s association asked each local home builder, to construct a model home of their choice, in the newest area for development. The location was always in an area where population growth was increasing and plenty of newly  built homes would be available. The builder’s association used the charities marketing idea as a magnet for drawing as many people as possible to the location.

Our goal working with the charitable association’s raffle, was to sell a maximum 5000 entries, at $100 each. The established deadline date was to coincide with the opening of the builder’s association presentation of the latest in new home construction. The charitable organization’s raffle name, The House of Dreams, became a big draw for all involved.

Approximately one week before the raffle and opening of the model homes, slightly less than 3000 tickets were sold. The raffle committee of the charity were frazzled and resigned themselves of not reaching their goal.

Point # 6. Customers will tell you many things, but some of the best are from their reaction.

At the deadline date, an amazing thing happened. When a deadline is approaching to win a brand new $250,000 home for a $100 chance, there was a mad rush near the deadline to get a ticket. With only 5000 tickets avaiable, the odds were better than most raffles.

The charitable association met their goal and then learned they could have sold more raffle tickets. Over 7,000 entries were received and all over the 5,000 mark were returned.


PrescriptionWorking with someone who understands the value of direct marketing and a business owner who is an expert in what he or she does, that’s two for success. Point is, that’s the benefit of a coaching and teaching model.

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