There is one type of writing, which is about as long as the Great China Wall…

and is a wall of the worst kind in direct marketing.

Pink Floyd sang about the wall. There was the Berlin Wall separating the German people, East vs. West. Then there is the wall of all walls, the Great Wall of China.

Then there is the headline of this post: wordy. I did leave a bit of doubt for the reader, so I hope you at least made it to this paragraph.

When you begin your next direct marketing message or mail project, unknowingly to you, your copywriting can greet a reader like a wall – a wall of type, that is.

As a copywriter, you work very hard to get prospects/customers to open your envelope – open your email – read a blog post. The best-written sales letter in the world falls flat – the email subject line is too long or the copy in the subject line is bland and not inviting the reader in.

Any copywriting that is full of uninteresting pages of near-solid type font – single spaced, with no space between paragraphs, and small margins left, right, top, and bottom. It becomes a wall of the worst kind. In fact, that’s like climbing a wall.

This wall doesn’t look friendly and it’s hard to read.

When you tear down the wall – that is – when you add white space, chop your message into shorter and indented paragraphs with added circles, arrows, underlines, handwritten marginal notes, and highlights in color – readership increases.

The use of “dynamic visual paragraphing” moves the readers’ eyes to the highlights of your offer. It creates inherent visual interest. It speeds the reader along. It helps them get to the point. The readers see the key points of your promotion and offer.

The paragraph may look busy. Some may even think it’s hokey or undignified. But it’s truly effective as a paragraph.

Good copywriting, a potent skill in this digital landscape, can move your direct marketing message up the line toward conversion by the reader of the copy.

The Traveling Wilburys wrote a song where the walls came tumbling down, somewhere in New Jersey. And the lead singer, is related to a Wallflower. Reading musical lyrics can add to your copywriting skill. Check a few out and let me know what you think.

Also, check out the Purdue Online Writing Lab, the Owl, quick pointers to help you out during the next copywriting project in direct marketing.

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