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Here’s A Simple Strategy for Complex Sales Cycles.

Some companies are lucky. They have a simple sales cycle and use a simple message. They send an offer. They get a response. They send another offer. They get another response.

The more complex your sales cycle – the longer your sales cycle – the higher the price tag on what your selling – and the more prospects need education before they are able to make a decision, the more you need to communicate.

This “more” relates to the quantity of quality messages you send throughout this lengthy sales cycle.

Choose to use the correct channels of communication.

Now, it’s important in this long sales cycle to understand that not all materials sent need to be heavily branded brochures mailed, dropped off in person or through MultiChannelcontinuous emails. Most companies probably know how great you and your company are after that first meeting.

In fact, you may be miles ahead to think in terms of ideas and inspiration you can send that are truly helpful to prospects and customers:

  • Send newsletters that educate.
  • Use content marketing that informs and helps prospects avoid common mistakes.
  • Send links of industry news which may relate to some or all contacts in your CRM.
  • Using case studies in complex sale cycles are still in high value today. Video is a channel that gets a lot of attention.

The key is to keep what you send relevant to improving the prospect’s future as well as customer’s who missed a purchase or two.

This builds rapport. This rapport leads to a professional relationship. This relationship leads to you becoming a trusted ally and resource. This relationship leads to a sale. It may also lead to a long term commitment of purchases.

Of course, this commitment to communication requires that you know who you’re messaging. This is why you use a CRM in the first place. Think: good data in, get good data out. No data in, means bad data out. It pays to work a CRM the correct way.

It'sOnlyCRMJust a drip here, there or everywhere.

In the golden days of direct marketing, the communication process was called drip mailing, emailing or just about any communication channel your customers prefer to receive communication. Back then we called it effective selling and marketing.

This process will label you as an expert. They identify you as being truly concerned about the well-being of your customers. And they set you apart from the competition.

Hopefully it was just the boost you were looking for.

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