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A few weeks ago, I had a conference with a prospect looking for advertising advice. She belongs to a group I manage in LinkedIn. Her company builds and maintains websites on a national level. I’ll call her Prospect X.

As I always do, I asked a lot questions. She reminded me on a couple of my questions, “I know that.” I agreed with her on a few occasions but in order to get a better understanding of her needs, I kept asking questions.

Testing will keep you on track.

First off, they have an offering to test “providing monthly website maintenance.” That sounds like a good idea but is it? A good idea is to test this assumption.

I recommended to examine their existing customer list to see if there are any website similarities that presently exist, such as a WordPress site, Joomla or Html. If so, placing them into an appropriate segment or like grouping, can lead to better relevant answers for future marketing efforts.

There are other options to consider, such as:

  1. type of service
  2. industry
  3. size of company
  4. revenue
  5. number of employees
  6. departments
  7. geographical location
  8. products they make or offered services.

On your mark.

I recommended to Prospect X to jot down four or five questions that will yield valuable information to help her to decide on how the website maintenance program will evolve. She must keep an open mind. She may learn that another company service or product may be a better selection.

  • I asked Prospect X if she had a targeted profile in mind to test?
  • Would the monthly maintenance program solve problems for her customers?
  • Can you select a type of maintenance and match it to a customer profile?
  • Is monthly maintenance too much or too little?
  • Can you get the answers you need during discussions with a variety of customers?

Add your customer’s and prospect’s into a CRM.It'sOnlyCRM

Prospect X had a decent number of prospects in an Excel spreadsheet compiled by her staff. If your prospects are not in your CRM, start adding and categorizing them into your CRM.

Compare your prospects company information to your customer’s profile. Look for similarities in the prospects company offering with your customer profiles. Select a few of the questions you used with a present customer and compare the answers.


If you are like Prospect X, she had many satisfied customers, and one customer recently gave her a testimonial in a recent chat. Prospect X did not even think of using it. It’s an opportunity missed that can add to a company’s brand image and will attract more visitors. The point of this post is:

  1. Marketing is all inclusive for growing a business and advertising is a tactic of marketing.
  2. Just as every customer is different, a marketing strategy includes building customer profiles and use the tools of segmentation.
  3. Testing assumptions about prospects will lead you to the benefit to try your product or service.

A word of caution.

When I hear the word advertise I see someone who is willing to pay to spread their message to many. In reality, getting a typical response rate of 1% or less means, 99% could care less about the advertisement and ignore it. How much did it cost?

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Don’t procrastinate, eValuate.

At times, some of the smallest changes in your small biz marketing, have the greatest impact.

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