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Direct Marketing to One Customer at A Time…

means using the right type of personalization to contribute in making the sale.

Rarely, when a direct marketing solicitation arrives, does the family – or the entire office staff – gather around your communication, read it aloud, and applaud together. This is why it’s important to remember that when it comes to direct marketing, you’re really only talking to one person at a time.

While you may naturally think of your customers as a single large group, each of your customers sees himself or herself as an individual. A solicitation written to “Dear Customers,” “Dear Friends,” or “Dear Homeowners,” rob familiarity from your entire solicitation. Poof!

If your personalization methods are not up to speed…

Personalization assumes that you know something about the people to whom you are mailing. It can be an effective way to keep customers coming back, but be careful how you use personalized direct marketing, especially in the mail.  When you presume too much too soon –– what we call “presumptuous personalization” –– you could do more harm than good. Poof! Poof!!

Here’s a simple and safe strategy.

PersonalizationUse a greater amount of personalization for customers who have purchased from you before. After all, you talk (or write, listen, email) to them and they talk (or write, listen, email) to you.

However, if you have online shoppers, they may have similar demographics, psychographics, and behaviors. You can create groups or segments of online shoppers and visitors that are both significant and manageable. For example:

  • male or female, as who makes or uses the purchase,
  • uses a debit or credit card,
  • is a homeowner, condo owner or an apartment dweller,
  • a specific age group,
  • geographical location and so on.

Using data analytics can open your eyes to what customers are actually doing.

If you are unsure on the amount of personalization to use, test for relevance.

Today’s customers demand that the products and information they are presented with be relevant. How do you feel when a company you frequent sends you a direct marketing promotion with offers and recommendations for products that have nothing to do with previous purchases you’ve made or with the profile you’ve shared with them?

It’s time to do your homework.

Nothing drives a shopper away faster.

In summary, avoid “presumptuous personalization” until that door is opened a little more by the customer. Yes, it takes time, but not as much time or money as it takes to get a new customer. Poof Poof Poof!

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Don’t procrastinate, eValuate.

At times, some of the smallest changes in your small biz marketing, have the greatest impact.

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