How to Create Marketing Momentum

and turn it into a powerful direct marketing strategy!

In physics and nature, momentum is a powerful force – whether it takes the form of space junk falling from the sky or a hurricane striking the coastland.

Momentum is a powerful force when it comes to a direct marketing strategic plan as well.

Momentum means that you create a direct marketing plan and keep pushing that plan. You remain constantly devoted to the plan. You live with it and stick with it no matter what.

Here’s a tipping point to recognize.

Business gets good. You’re slammed with orders. Production slows. You think of applying the brakes on your direct marketing program, just a bit, to take some of the pressure off your employees.

But before you do that, think of the momentum you finally achieved by using a new direct marketing strategy. For example, in sports, such as a football game, a team’s winning strategy over an opponent, can be challenged by a big play in the game, creating a momentum shift for the opposite team.

Recognizing and reacting to a momentum shift is important for your direct marketing success.  

Business gets bad. You’re scratching for orders. Production is all dressed up with nowhere to go. The temptation is to put future direct marketing on hold. This too can break the momentum of your direct marketing program.

Is it time to retool or reboot?ThinkingStrategicallyW

Think of your direct marketing program momentum as a machine that you need to keep adding fuel to –

  1. a new offer,
  2. creating a new segment or two among the existing contacts,
  3. a new design and soon on.

Your marketing goal is to keep the momentum going.

You know how much time and effort it took to get up to speed in the first place…

to build a machine that is sending sales, inquiries, leads and prospects your way on a daily or weekly basis. So. By all means, once you put the plan in motion, keep it in motion.

Or in other words…

the time it takes to get you back up to speed again may cost you more than the cost of maintaining or holding your course.

The fourth quarter of 2016 is almost here…

If you want to keep the momentum going in 2017, this is a great time for an MCG eValuation of your marketing. We’ve done thousands of evaluations for companies in a variety of industries. The smallest change can have a big impact to your marketing program.

What’s a mcg Marketing-eVal?

  • Prior to finalizing the purchase of that new home you love so much, you get a home inspection.
  • Your high school child begins a search for a college to attend, you help her study, prepare and plan school visits.
  • Need a new set of wheels? Before plunking down mega-bucks, you take a test drive.

Marketingeval_logoV3We examine and judge your present marketing activities carefully.

Are you using your marketing tools correctly? Are there other marketing activities to consider?

Make a visit now to “Rethink How You Spend Your Marketing Dollars” on our corporate website, Marketing Communications Group. Then fill in the contact us page or email me at There is a sample plan available for you to read to help make your decision.

We are a small business serving other small businesses so don’t expect any sticker shock. Results are what you need to succeed.

Want to learn more about us and how our approach to learning marketing services can work for you and your organization?

 Take our All Marketing Is Direct to Customer journey today.


Don’t procrastinate, eValuate.

At times, some of the smallest changes in your small biz marketing, have the greatest impact.

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