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What is More Valuable When Planning Your Next Copywriting Project…

The headline? The first paragraph? The offer?

Before you start your next copywriting project, remind yourself and your marketing team, just how valuable your direct marketing copy is to achieve your company marketing goals.

Teamwork, found in a winning sport team, is not dependent on one single player to carry the team to victory. Nor should it be.

It takes teamwork to get a marketing message read and acted upon because of so many variables that come into play. The biggest variable is the mind of the recipient, and that can change like a player dropping the ball that was almost a catch.

A look at the headline and the first paragraph.

attractionvdonorsSome copywriters may say,” A powerful written first paragraph leads to more sales than any other direct marketing technique.”

Wait just one second. If this opinion is correct, then why do you need to focus on writing a powerful headline in your copywriting?

Many copy writers say that headlines are meant to gather attention and draw the reader or donor into the content, like the spider and the fly.

Combining the two into greatness, is a skill set of great copywriting, and it’s equally important in for profit and not for profit direct marketing copy.

Let’s look at a few generalizations.

There are many copywriting pointers you need to understand when you begin to write direct marketing copy. For example, will your copy entice people to make a donation or purchase a product?

A charitable donation.Skeptic1-150x150

  • Asking for a donation is not easy. It’s important to share a lot of information about your cause before asking. People expect a lot of information because donors highly value trust. Video is especially useful to draw people into your cause.
  • Crafting a strategy is critical, focusing on donor demographics of people who care and give. Some donors may have specific causes close to their heart and willing to give a testimonial to help their cause.
  • Build a network of donors.

Selling a product and or service.

  • Having a great product to meet a potential customer need is important.
  • What are the benefits associated with your product and what customer needs do the benefits of your product fulfill?
  • Build customer profiles and assign them to a demographic group of like customers.

Obviously this short list of three each for charity and selling is just the tip if the iceberg. Just as one customer to the next is somewhat different, the same can be said about a donor and their cause.

Just as a good first impression is critical for the headline or the first paragraph, paying equal attention to both is a good strategy in your copywriting techniques. Why?

What about the offer?

salefreenewBut the main point in this post is to remind you when you write direct marketing copy to sell or to get a donation, for any customer channel you want to use, you have only seconds to spend on securing a donor or a customer.

After a good headline draws the reader into a powerful written first paragraph, giving you must needed seconds, your clean-up hitter, the powerful and tantalizing offer, can clear the bases, making the sale or a donation.

The purpose of all marketing direct to a person is to motivate a prospect, client, or customer to take action: to call, order, buy, request information, visit your moneybackstore, donate, watch a video, website, whatever — to take the next step.

In this case, that next step is the offer. An offer, to get the donation or make the sale, is a critical key you need to push your customers or donors to part with some of their hard-earned cash.

There is a lot of value for a small business to use direct marketing.

In this fast-paced, highly-competitive world of ours, making this happen isn’t always as easy as it looks. The reason is that it takes a tremendous amount of planning and implementation expertise to make that response occur.

premiumYou’re dealing with a human mind. Your marketing team must be up for a battle each and every day.

Here are two posts that get a little deeper into writing an offer.

How to Make A Strong Offer.

Offering something FREE can be a difference maker in lead generation.

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At times, some of the smallest changes in your small biz marketing, have the greatest impact.

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