One word, not used correctly, can sink a direct marketing message

and possibly your career.

Writing can be as effortless as speaking – if you do not make it harder it than it is. After a birthday party at a friend’s new home, you may say to the host, “Thanks for a lovely party – we had a great time. You have a lovely home, and you are such a kind hosts!”

If that is what you would say face to face, say that in your message. You need nothing more because there is nothing more to say.

Before you start writing, ask yourself, “What am I trying to say?” Listen to your answer and the simplicity of your response. Then begin writing.

Good direct marketing copy edits look at every word.

The English language often tempts us to use a popular word when another word – although very similar in meaning, actually says more. For example, the words “If” and “When.”

“If you call before midnight tonight…” certainly says that there is a near-instantaneous reward or payoff waiting, conditional upon a call before midnight.

However, “If” gives your readers a way out. If means if. It assumes doubt and uncertainty, and often encourages them to back away.

However, when you change “if” to “when” you assume the sale. “When you call before midnight tonight…” supposes that it’s just a matter of time until they do recognize the value and the opportunity and call to place an order.

Try this assumptive selling – the “when” assumes the sale will occur. It assumes that prospects will like what they see and that they’ll immediately see the value and rational for jumping right in.

One last thought…

If or when you get into multi-channel marketing, “when” is a good word to use as an invite to move the reader along the path to follow the “offer.”

TheWall_WebUsing the words “meaning” can help your copy work as you desire. Direct marketing is a very powerful tool to get you the best results possible from every marketing communication you share with your customers and prospects.

Recently another post, “There is one type of writing, which is about as long as the Great China Wall…”

You will learn when you pare down and tweak your copy – that is – when you add white space, chop your message into shorter and indented paragraphs with added circles, arrows, underlines, handwritten marginal notes, and highlights in color – readership increases.

Learning and Coaching – It’s what I do.

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At times, some of the smallest changes in your small biz marketing, have the greatest impact.

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