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There are A Variety of Ways Outsider’s Look at Your Small Business…

 when you want to enhance its value, read on. Per U.S. Census Bureau data, 99.7% of US businesses are classified as small businesses (fewer than 500 employees). Moreover, the clear majority of these are what you might classify as “truly small” businesses: fully nine in ten (89.8%) are comprised of fewer than 20 employees. Interestingly, […]

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Customer Contact…

to know them, is the capability you need to manage your marketing for success. If it took you three seconds to read the headline and the subhead above, that is about as much time a prospective customer will give you to connect and consider buying your product. Then before you know it, they move on […]

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Marketing Strategy vs. Tactics…

here are the main ingredients you need to grow a profitable customer base. “The hole in the ground that companies fall into when marketing themselves by thinking tactically rather than strategically.” I’m active in Social Media. I see small business companies looking for more ways to get their message delivered. Hence, the quote above. The easiest […]

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How Customer Acquisition Becomes Easier When You “Buy in to A Long Tail”

The task of locating and recruiting new customers is an essential activity for every business. So, it stands to reason that you spend a great deal of your time attempting to attract the attention of viable prospects and make an initial sale. Sometimes, however, there’s a tendency to concentrate so heavily on seeking new customers […]

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11 Simple Techniques to Improve the Visual Impact of…

your direct marketing, mail, and digital communications. Direct marketing, mail, and digital is a combination of words and pictures and ideas. A great idea without compelling words often goes unnoticed. Great words without the ability to attract the consumer’s attention often doom those glorious words to oblivion. Great visual images without substantive words and ideas […]