Marketing Strategy vs. Tactics…

here are the main ingredients you need to grow a profitable customer base.

“The hole in the ground that companies fall into when marketing themselves by thinking tactically rather than strategically.”

I’m active in Social Media. I see small business companies looking for more ways to get their message delivered. Hence, the quote above.

The easiest way to get from point A, a company’s marketing strategy (if you have one written), to point B, your tactical selection(s), can be as simple as using your favorite credit card.

The problem with that method, that it’s more miss than hit. Without a written marketing strategy, it’s easy to stumble into that hole in the ground, and never see your money again.

Have you designed a creative marketing strategy for your company?smallbusinessctav2web

bizgrowthAttracting attention to any small business is extremely important. Your first attraction to get the attention of your target buyers may be your company logo, corporate colors and tagline. When you design your company “look,” you defined the type of business you are marketing.

Is it friendly or austere?  Do you offer bargains or firm pricing?  Are your company colors and logo a reflection of your business personality?

You probably spent a lot of time, meetings and a few bucks to get the right look. You cannot wait any longer to introduce your company to the world.


Before that introduction to the world, start thinking strategically. What did you learn in your design sessions? More than likely, you’ll have a base of ideas you discussed in the design process of your company brand.

Creative marketing strategies outline a broad plan of action that best use the organization’s resources to achieve a marketing goal. For example, a goal can be the response rate of a marketing promotion. Substantiate proposed customer profiles. How often will the customers make a purchase?

Marketing strategies are the specific actions taken by the organization to communicate with the select primary target groups.

Direct marketing is a strategy.

The very nature of a direct marketing strategy is to get your marketing message to a prospect and customer, read, and acted upon. Learn

If you are a new company, you may add a market penetration strategy, for your present product, having a goal of obtaining X number of customers, per a given time. Your tactics may be more effective (relevant) and an increase in the frequency of sending the message.

If your company is past the growing strain, you should consider a market expansion goal with your direct marketing strategy. Obtaining more customers from new target groups and market places. Use your customer profile skills to learn more about your customer’s needs and wants, and provide solutions for customer problems.

In theory, a marketing strategy must be carefully designed to meet a marketing goal based on the demands from your prospects and customer base.


Look closer at your current strategies. Are marketing resources allocated optimally to the major elements of the marketing mix? Is your company using the best basis for marketing segmentation? Have you developed accurate profiles of each target segment?

Learning and Coaching – It’s what I do.

DocTake4WebWant to learn more about direct and customer-centric marketing strategies and how it can add customers to your QuickBooks?

I call this learning experience, “All Marketing is Direct to your Consumers.” I present my marketing methodology that I admit_onewebhave used over my career. On the landing page, there is a (1)short, (2)medium and (3)large journey to take. There are many examples, ideas and techniques of the direct marketing to aide in your learning. To feel the full impact of this cta-learn-moremarketing methodology, take each journey in order. Start now by clicking on the Admit, Journey One. Then send me an email or call (800-251-3608) with your questions. Be sure to ask how to get your present marketing evaluated for free!

Check out are marketing evaluation program specifically designed for a small business.

We’ll examine your present marketing, learn your goals and aspirations, and prepare a marketing plan for your company based on your information.  Check it out today!

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you on a journey. Mike Deuerling. aka: MarketingDoc


Don’t procrastinate, eValuate.

At times, some of the smallest changes in your small biz marketing, have the greatest impact.

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