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to know them, is the capability you need to manage your marketing for success.

If it took you three seconds to read the headline and the subhead above, that is about as much time a prospective customer will give you to connect and consider buying your product.

Then before you know it, they move on to the next company.

But wait, there’s more.

Imagine an auditorium full of people waiting for a concert to start. There is a lot of noise.  Thousands of conversations are occurring simultaneously while waiting for the show to begin.

The only conversations that “connect” are usually between people, who know each other, standing very close to each other and they are still shouting at the top of their lungs.

The marketing game of attention.

What a company must do today is to create the attention and within a few nanoseconds, eliminating any purchasing barriers to increase the ability to connect with the customer.

“Bennies” or customer benefits will cause a hesitation. An answer for a potential customer is “what’s in it for them?” Product features are usually the glamor of owning your product, but the “bennies” always add to the bottom line.

Look at your potential “customer profiles.”

Certainly, you have or have not updated or defined a variety of customer profiles. If you answered no, you have not, but now’s a great time to start. In case you haven’t noticed, 2017 is right around the corner. And, 2017 is going to run many bytes faster!

Remember, when you work with customer profiles, keep it simple. Put customers, anyone who has purchased into one group and the other prospective group who may still purchase, now and again. Getting back to the “bennies,” they make a wonderful segment on your customer profiles.

Next, you need to put customers into like segments. It can be something as simple as male or female, geography, age, occupation, but use whatever simple characteristics stand out across all contacts.

“Why do I need to do this?”

The key word in this post was “connect.” You need to connect with customers and potential customers with a message relevant to their needs.EyesHurtWeb

What are the buying traits of your customers?  Here’s four to start your thinking process.

  1. The best buyers purchase at specific intervals and are usually found in the top twenty percent of purchasers.
  2. Occasional buyers who are familiar with your product.
  3. Prospect/Past Customer. This is a tough one. Build a list of ideas to test for a re-connection
  4. Someday/Maybe prospects. Hopefully, the smallest list of four.

Look carefully into each contact and try to determine how the original connection occurred?  What channel did you or they use to connect? Was it email, social media, direct mail, web site or face-to-face?


Go back to the auditorium. People who know each other, will talk to each other. They increase their volume to deliver the message no matter how loud the other conversations may be. Think Multi-Channel for future marketing campaigns.

Learning more about your customers and upgrading their profiles accordingly may give you a much-needed boost in sales for 2017.

Learning and Coaching – It’s what I do.

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Thanks for reading. I hope to see you on a journey. Mike Deuerling. aka: MarketingDoc


Don’t procrastinate, eValuate.

At times, some of the smallest changes in your small biz marketing, have the greatest impact.

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