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Per U.S. Census Bureau data, 99.7% of US businesses are classified as small businesses (fewer than 500 employees).

Moreover, the clear majority of these are what you might classify as “truly small” businesses: fully nine in ten (89.8%) are comprised of fewer than 20 employees.

Interestingly, per the IDC, a subsidiary of International Data Group, the average annual revenue of a small business with a website is $5.03 million.

The US Small Business Administration (SPA) notes how, as a rule, small businesses with revenues less than $5 million should allocate 7-8% of their revenues to marketing.

This means your average $5 million small business should be spending about $350-400,000/year on marketing.

What most small bussineses do spend, are much less than price quoted above on marketing. Based on my experience, businesses with 5-25 employees, using the 80/20 Pareto Principle, 80% were spending less than $1,000 per month on marketing.

How to determine if you’re a #SmallBiz ready for better marketing in the digital era.

The answer to that question is determined by your company and the employees. As a young entrepreneur, a mentor once told me a good customer must have “skin in the game of marketing” to witness and experience results, good or bad.

To help you make an informed decision on your marketing, there are two websites you need to visit.

Since 1984 we have honed our marketing services based on our customer needs. Our tagline, Innovation, Motivation and Collaboration has guided our organization helping thousands of small business grow.

To see for yourself, please visit DMCM. Scroll down to our list of three journeys, and click on Journey One.admit_oneweb

The first journey is an introduction to direct marketing and all its cool tactics to attract more customers. The Journey of six slides leads to more questions and presents a variety of examples and ideas for you to consider.

The remaining Journeys, Two and Three take you deeper into to the strategies and tactics of Direct, Customer-centric, Data Management and Analysis and Digital Marketing.

When you’re finished, I’ll answer any of your questions. Either send an email to or if in the USA, call us at 800-251-3608.

One of the first questions I usually hear after a visit to Journey One, is how do you know our business?

KnowledgeKnowledge is a big part for Direct Marketing Success.

I need to know about your company. I ask a lot of questions and need answers from you and your staff. I have a sample report you can download to help you see the big picture and a general idea of your #SmallBiz on steriods.

After you download the sample report visit our second website at MCG.  For a detailed version on what we look at, click on the banner in the second slider, How can an mcg-eVal help us re-think? It is a very thorough process and one you can really appreciate after reading our results and recommendations.

Learning and Coaching – It’s what I do.

DocTake4WebWant to learn more about direct and customer-centric marketing strategies and how it can add customers to your QuickBooks?

I call this learning experience, “All Marketing is Direct to your Consumers.” I present my marketing methodology that I admit_onewebhave used over my career. On the landing page, there is a (1)short, (2)medium and (3)large journey to take. There are many examples, ideas and techniques of the direct marketing to aide in your learning. To feel the full impact of this cta-learn-moremarketing methodology, take each journey in order. Start now by clicking on the Admit, Journey One. Then send me an email or call (800-251-3608) with your questions. Be sure to ask how to get your present marketing evaluated for free!

Check out are marketing evaluation program specifically designed for a small business.

We’ll examine your present marketing, learn your goals and aspirations, and prepare a marketing plan for your company based on your information.  Check it out today!

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you on a journey. Mike Deuerling. aka: MarketingDoc


Don’t procrastinate, eValuate.

At times, some of the smallest changes in your small biz marketing, have the greatest impact.

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