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The small business market can be a challenge for many suppliers of products and services. Some people prefer to go after the bigger fish. Their reasoning usually centers on, “small business is such a waste of time. There’s more money to make working with larger companies.”  Yada, yada, and more yada. Plus, you’ll need the extra money for aspirin.

For some business people, it’s their personal satisfaction. In simple terms, any small business providing a beneficial product or service to the marketplace, may need outside expertise to build a better business. If it was easy to operate and grow a small business, everyone would have one.

Most rely on an accountant to keep the books sparkling clean. An attorney to guide them through the legal system. Many small business need marketing and advertising to grow their business. Usually when they are churning of customers daily and losing repeat orders from existing customers.

Every business, at some point, needs outside expertise. 

Attracting new customers is usually rather high on the to-do list of any small business. But advertising in the wrong place is not a solution. Others have a hard time finding a niche market and waste a lot of money going after a niche market the wrong way.

If you provide a product or service for a small business always strive for a “working relationship.” Take some time to learn more about their small business. You may provide a spark for a new idea. And then, they may need more of what you are selling.

If a small business has a good product and/or service to sell, that is a leading indicator for success. More than likely, the small business owner probably has a desire to grow the business even more.

A customer-centric marketing strategy helps you sell. For more info, click here or on the illustration.

This blog regularly discusses a customer-centric marketing strategy for a small business is a smart move in today’s business world. A quick definition is – to understand why the customer buys, how a customer uses the product or service, and what other need(s) the product or service can resolve. Sounds simple enough. Being an outside provider to small businesses, it can serve you well.

Another way to look at this is thru your “customer service.” So, ask yourself, do you really provide great customer service or are a few pieces missing?

When you talk with the small business owner simply ask, “What else can I do  to serve you better?”

Together, you and the small business team have the winning prescription to keep you and them, grow healthy for as long as you both like.

Thanks for reading. I’m available to answer your questions and share with you the right path for success. 

Learning and Coaching – It’s what I do.

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Thanks for reading. I hope to see you on a journey.

Mike Deuerling. aka: MarketingDoc


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