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Here’s Another Reason How A #SmallBiz can Kick-Butt with Direct 2 Customer Marketing…

and totally focus on customer need and wants.

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I read somewhere earlier this week that people fear marketing. Not what they receive, but there is fear in creating a marketing program. I’m not sure if fear is the right word.

Dilbert is well known for his love of marketers like most people enjoy a toothache. Maybe that was not a good example since Dilbert is a comic strip. But the creator, Scott Adams, is right on with his marketing criticism.

Here’s a big picture remedy.

I was taught that a definition of marketing is composed of the four P’s – Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. Today, this is a wide brush explanation of marketing, but the word FEAR is not present in the four P’s. Here is a list of the four P’s as I remember them:

  1. Product – brand name, services, packaging and warranties.
  2. Place – distribution, channel and physical.
  3. Price – compared to similar products and services.
  4. Promotion – Advertising, personal selling (sales), public relations, branding, and packaging.

Which P is the one every person fears at one point in their business life? If you said promotion, you are correct.

Now, let’s look at each tactic of marketing promotion and see if we encounter FEAR. Promotion is comprised of 1) communication, to and from, and 2) many uncontrollable variables. No matter how you mix up theses four P’s, the customer is in control of the buying opportunity. Failure to see that, creates fear. So, does creating a promotional campaign.

Why fear.

Direct marketing techniques and knowing what customers like, are very useful to have in today’s marketing tactics of promotion. Ever wonder why someone didn’t make a purchase? Here’s how a direct marketer thinks.

Buying decisions are not made though reasoning and logic, but through the lens of wants, needs, interests, joys, “fears,” hopes, expectations, and regrets. Beyond the basics of water, food, shelter, clothing, and warmth, virtually everything people buy is based on fulfilling an emotional desire. Once you touch people emotionally, reasoning and logic are used merely to confirm a buying decision.

So, what are the specific wants people do have? To start with, people want to acquire things they don’t have enough of. That certainly can be a good reason, and depending on the product or service there’s that 4-letter word again: FEAR!

There are many more in this article located on our website, “The direct marketer’s menu of 49 Emotional appeals… and how to use them!”

The art of marketing.

Since marketing and advertising is an art and not a science, there are more ways to fail. When someone reads your advertisement, the copywriting must attract their attention.

The copywriter hands off the copy to the designer. The designer must remind the readers that they started reading the clever copy and is now mulling it over. “Then BAM” the designer hits pay dirt with a very clever design.

The knockout blow was the created offer from copy and design! The offer was too good to pass up. To a marketer, the advertisement was a success to some, but not all.

Experts who track these marketing and advertising methods remind us, on average the reader of your message gives it about eight seconds. The answer is a yes, no or maybe.

Today’s technology is giving marketers a multitude of ways of tracking, analytics to learn more each time a customer responds and a slew of channels to reach their intended audience. You can never have too much data, but you need a data detective to work the data and offer marketing a few new ideas.

Customer-centric marketing.

Customer-centric is about as close to a science you can get to in marketing. Talking with customers, using surveys, measuring customer satisfaction, learning spending patterns and even face-to-face interviews are at the forefront of marketing success.

Bigger vs littler?

Last week I wrote about the fortune 500 companies really starting to like digital marketing. Slinging their advertisements over the worldwide web, they hope something sticks.

SmallBiz cannot afford Big Company’s budget for marketing and advertising. Plus, slinging never works well within a #SmallBiz.

If you are a #SmallBiz, direct 2 customer marketing is a great choice. Combining direct and customer-centric marketing strategies is a great advantage. The more people in your company involved in marketing, the fear factor diminishes and the result is knowing more about customers and prospects.

And that is a good thing.

Teaching and Coaching – It’s what I do.

DocTake4WebWant to learn more about direct and customer-centric marketing strategies and how it can add customers to your QuickBooks?

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Thanks for reading. I hope to see you on a journey.

Mike Deuerling. aka: MarketingDoc


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