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When you think of direct marketing using mail for advertising, you probably think of slick self-mailers, 4-color printing, multi-part envelope packages, and fancy dimensional pieces. But did you think of postcards? Not the ones you sent to family and friends while on vacation, but the ones you can use to entice more customers to buy.

Postcards offer a powerful but inexpensive way to market your products and services. They’re usually not the best way to sell something directly, but they’re great for getting people to “consider” what you should offer, such as leading them to a landing page.

Specifically, postcards are good for generating inquiries for information, boosting in-store traffic, getting more people to social media and bringing people to your website.

Direct mail might be in your future.

Here’s an idea to contemplate. Buy or lease a direct mail list of prospects based on your present customer segments and profiles in your CRM. BONUS: If you are thinking about using direct mail, this is good way to evaluate direct mail.

Today’s mailing lists have a variety ways to target, such as segments, or demographics, and more important, updated information on how, and to whom, providing another usage of additional personalization. Approximately, ninety-eight present of people or companies check their mail every business day, excluding holidays.

Let’s look at other ways using direct mail and a clean, updated house list.

First, postcards are first-rate for generating inquiries. If you have a sales staff or if your product or service is new, you know that people want information before they buy. So, the key is to identify who wants that information. In the business world, that’s called “lead generation” or “inquiry generation,” or “prospectation.”

Generating inquiries with postcards is simple. You prepare a mailing list of likely suspects and mail a postcard offering something for free, such as an information kit, brochure, consultation, or even a product sample. Don’t try to sell, just offer the freebie and get prospects to contact you. Now you have more prospects to give to your sales department, which is a great way to start building meaningful relationships.

Second, postcards can be used to boost your in-store traffic. If you are offering a new product or service, you can offer a deal when people bring in the post card. If you run a gardening store, maybe your postcard is a coupon for 20% off all mulch and gardening supplies.

Could you also run a print ad? Sure. But the postcard lets you target your dollars to people you know will be interested in your products or services, such as past clients or businesses within 10 miles of your company. “Just bring in this post card for your special price for the month of April.” A print ad can hit everyone in an area, and not a likely candidate for marketing success.

Third, postcards are great for bringing people to your website and social media. Some companies may prefer digital over print, but direct mail is still the best way to reach people. That’s because good direct mail lists are easier to lease than expensive email lists, which may get a lower response rate.

On your website, use a landing page with a brief description about your products or services, or if you sell products directly from your website, you can use a simple postcard to invite people to visit. You’ll get a better response if you have an offer of some kind, such as dollars off, a free demonstration, or even a contest.


Postcards are inexpensive when compared to other communication channels, easy to create, and highly versatile. If you’re curious about what postcards can do for your business, call us. We’ll discuss how to put this direct mail workhorse to work for you. And make you an offer you cannot refuse.

Another how-to guide using direct marketing and mail for a #SmallBiz success during 2017.

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Thanks for reading. I hope to see you on a journey.

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