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What marketing communication channel delivers over 700 million messages each day?

Hint. Something you do outside the box?

No, I don’t need your answer now, but learn how we’re giving away FREE ONE HOUR of a MCG-eVal marketing evaluation.

Direct to customer marketing means exactly that. Your message may cross a channel or two to reach the customer. However, the goal is still the same – direct2customer.

  • I recently heard on CNBC, that 48 million accounts in Twitter may be bots.
  • Then, I read an article, on why direct marketing was challenged as an archaic strategy.
  • Why would anyone use the service that delivers a message direct to a customer’s mailbox when we have the Internet?

Direct mail is another marketing channel you can use.

If you think mail is archaic, think again. There are many steps taken to get your message DELIVERED. It’s the “outside the box” thinking that is direct2customer. Here’s what the postal service does offer.

“When a piece of mail is collected for delivery, it is taken to a mail processing plant for postmarking, scanning and sorting. The mail is then taken to the airport to fly to the designated state based on the mail’s ZIP code. If the two states are far from each other, such as Georgia and Washington, then the delivery may take more time. The United States Postal Service is responsible for the sorting and delivery of over 700 million pieces of mail each delivery day.”


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If you’re a #SmallBiz looking for marketing results, you’re in luck

SmallBiz cannot afford Big Company’s budget for slinging their marketing and advertising messages. Let alone the much-needed human resources to control and measure. So, don’t get caught acting like a big company. It will cost you bigtime.

If you are a #SmallBiz, our “direct2customer marketing” is a great choice. Combining direct and customer-centric marketing strategies is not only a great advantage, your customers benefit by receiving relevant information, outstanding products and impeccable customer service.

Employees are happier and hiring people with a variety of skills are easier to find. Collecting and analyzing data enhances the customer’s buying decision.

As a bonus, if you are using the same marketing activities over & over & expecting better marketing results, you’re not only wasting a ton of money, your customers are more likely to move to the competition.

Here’s an offer for you to consider. Before you do anything else, re-think how you spend your marketing dollars. Is your time and money working for you or running away from you?

Would you like to increase your marketing revenue?

If you want to move marketing from an expense to an investment, it’s time for you to take a good hard look at your company’s marketing and the products and services you provide to your customers.

Our MCG-eVal is not a new service, but one we started in the summer of 1985. This new product offering was unveiled as, CustomMark, short for Customized Marketing. In a nutshell, CustomMark contained many questions about the marketing and advertising a company was using. On the opposite side of CustomMark, it also created a learning experience by using examples of branding, positioning, building segments, relevant communication, as such, which allowed us to create a workable marketing plan with total involvement from the customer.

Then in 2005, CustomMark was replaced with the MCG-eVal. The MCG-eVal was specifically created to help small business shape their marketing picture and culture, relying on the fundamentals of direct marketing using a customer-centric focus, ready for digital marketing.

Yes, we still use the MCG-eVal, because it leads companies to better marketing. Click on the link “Thousands of small businesses made the right choice…”

Next, would you re-think how you spend your marketing dollars to increase your marketing revenue?

Here’s an offer.

Our mcg-eVal’s start at $495.00 for a one-person business or a small firm. The rate increases based on yearly sales, employee involvement and the needs of the marketing department for larger companies.

You receive our report based on the information we shared and any recommendations discussed. If you have a desire to use our Direct2Customer marketing program, we’ll provide you with a proposal based on our evaluations and your objectives and goals. The price of your mcg-eVal may be credited to your account upon acceptance of your Direct2Customer plan. Visit DMCM for an infographic of the Direct2Customer program. There are a variety of options for any company type.

If you don’t need 700 million pieces of mail delivered in one day but, 700 or 7000 messages delivered cross-channel, Direct2Customer, will make you happy as your revenue grows.

Here’s the FREE ONE HOUR OFFER of an MCG-eVal. Visit our Web Site, enter your name and email address and in the message box, tell me why you want a FREE ONE HOUR MCG-eVal.

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Teaching and Coaching – It’s what I do.

Want to learn more about direct2customer marketing and how it can add customers to your QuickBooks?

I call this learning experience, “All Marketing is Direct to your Customers.” I present my marketing methodology that I have used over my career. On the landing page, there is a (1)short, (2)medium and (3)large journey to take. There are many examples, ideas and techniques of the direct marketing to aide in your learning. To feel the full impact of this marketing methodology, take each journey in order. Start now by clicking on the Admit, Journey One. Then send me an email or call (800-251-3608) with your questions. Be sure to ask how to get your present marketing evaluated for free!

Check out are marketing evaluation program specifically designed for a small business.

Reach out now. New lower priced offers!

We’ll examine your present marketing, learn your goals and aspirations, and prepare a detailed report for your company based on your information.  Check it out today!

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you on a journey.

Mike Deuerling. aka: MarketingDoc


Don’t procrastinate, eValuate.

At times, some of the smallest changes in your small biz marketing, have the greatest impact.

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