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Use These Four Effective Direct Marketing Communication Channels, if…

you demand the best response from your #SmallBiz direct marketing!

Four primary channels are recommended within a frequency-based customer acquisition program: direct mail… email… landing pages… and social media to reaffirm the offer and collect better data. (Read previous post, April 5th).

Here’s the strategic game plan:

Strategic Direct Marketing

  • Two-way communicating
  • Clever and relevant copywriting
  • Design and visuals “speak to the reader”
  • A measurable database
  • Testing and data analytics

Strategic Customer-Centric Marketing Communication

  • Listen to, talk to, and understand your customers
  • Share your thoughts and ideas with customers
  • Customers get value added, no cost services
  • Customers are not treated alike
  • Customer data is segmented with targeted profiles

Multi-channel Marketing

  • A great lead generating tactic
  • Better control of message frequency
  • Cross-selling yields a higher response
  • Customers relevant copy create better response
  • Revenue increases with every marketing campaign

Data Management

  • Data analysis and analytics generate ideas
  • Data compiled from a variety of channels
  • Customer segments and updating frequently
  • Relevant messages for each marketing segment
  • A person in charge of marketing makes data decisions
  • Linked to a customer-centric marketing strategy

At first glance, you may think that direct mail and email are not the one-two best channels to reach your consumer. However, look at it this way.

“The percentage of all consumers receiving mail and Internet capability is relatively high. Using both channel options, in your direct marketing program, helps you to collect more customer data when you learn the why and how to capture it.” 

Social media belongs in your marketing communications but in a different light, which we’ll discuss later, but let’s look at the four channels –

1. Direct Mail

When you use the mail, and get a response…

then you mail (or deploy or fulfill) again and they respond again…

while gathering more customer data at each step.

Direct marketing mail is more about making an impact.

“DIRECT marketing mail techniques – copywriting – to design – to the call to action or offer – has everything you need to set the table for a purchase and collect valuable information.”

2. Email

Some see it as a competitor to mail, but it’s another great channel to use with the direct marketing mail channel.

“More people learn first-hand a better response with their email is difficult. Usually the blame can be attributed to a lack of customer data.”

To save your email from ruin, here are a few simple steps to keep you moving forward.

  • A catchy relevant headline in the email subject line adds to the open rate.
  • The design of the email can help to get an open.
  • Try something simple with your present email list. Announce your direct mail campaign a few days before it arrives.
  • Follow up on a direct mail campaign with an e-mail message.
  • Another strategy is to run parallel campaigns.
  • Any list used for marketing communication must be segmented and profiled based on present customers to match to a message.

The points above are a great way to start to create better emails.

3. Landing Pages

Landing pages are a vital addition to direct marketing.

  • Pages give readers the exact information they need to say yes and demonstrate how easy it is to place an order.
  • A landing page, in conjunction with direct mail or email, allows your customers to access web pages that speak directly to them.
  • Pages are a great tool for integrating offline and online messages to increase the effectiveness of your direct marketing campaigns.

“Give the reader a little incentive, or an offer of value, to capture more data. You’ll never have enough data.”

4. Social Media

As people search the internet, enter discussion groups or visitor social media channels, there may be an opportunity to start a relationship. You’ll need to acquire a better understanding how they use these social media channels.

“Your marketing data must determine if these channels are of value.”

If any customers favor one communication channel over another, that adds up for better customer service, then check it out.

Why? Many businesses use social media to assist their customers with customer service.


Remember, it’s all about catching the “big one”. That’s why it is imperative that a major part of your frequency-based campaign includes active, ongoing lead-generation.

There is nothing more important to keep your business healthy and growing when using these four effective channels.

Once again, information and education is the answer. And that’s often the bait we use to help you identify “big ones” that are ready to bite.

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