Visuals attract and make the reader pause…

now pounce on them with an offer they can’t refuse –  but be nice.

Direct and digital marketing is a combination of words and pictures and ideas. A great idea without compelling words often goes unnoticed. Great words without the ability to attract the consumer’s attention often doom those glorious words to oblivion. Great visual images without substantive words and ideas often diminish the outcome. For example:

  • Give me a ring regarding our new pricing for prospects. Change to ring.
  • Would you like me to add you to our customer care weekly email?
  • Visuals attract and make the reader pause…
  • The weekly business after hours is a great place to meet and network with people looking to sell and buy. Build on relationships.

At times, your audience may not understand a visual. Many have heard of the Pareto Principle, but after seeing in use within a post or an article, you deserve a trip to Google to answer all questions.

This is another pause visual to slow or stop the reader to check it out. Make sure the post or article opens in another page so the trip back for the visitor returns to the original page. Also, this is a good way to aid in the definition of a word or phrase.

“Now, why didn’t I think of that?” Or, “the competitor’s new product will kill us.”

Do you know who your audience is, direct or indirectly?

Each is important, but prospects and customers will overlook the best words and most monumental ideas unless something grabs their attention. Coming up with “grabbers” work well with just about any communication channel today.

The grabber for direct mail is the design. It’s the proper blend of color, shape, size, illustrations, photographs, and typography.

I know what you are thinking. If you said our digital and social media communications could use a design makeover, you are right. Try it. You’ll not be disappointed.

A good headline accentuated with a photo or art is – 

“a double whammy, thank you mam.”

Bright colors and bold graphics set your work apart. Illustrations are easily editable to fit your brand, and can even be more universal than photography. Let vector images help your next project pack a punch.

Focus on creating a “how-to” or “why” or a “number series” while adding value and/or providing entertainment in the form of a photograph, vector image, or even a short video or GIF.

As I learned in Direct Mail 101, the how-to is very powerful because it engages the prospect on a deeper psychological level. It’s self-centered and most of us pay more attention when we hear “how-to and whatever follows after it.”

Try using a catchy relevant headline in the email subject line and see your open rate increase.  Go one step further and add vector images or photos with copy.

Headline example:

How to Reach a Qualified Target Audience… and motivate them to seek you out!

Photo example:

Momentum by definition, is not only a powerful force, it can keep people in motion. Eventually, when focused on a segment of your contacts, such as prospects, you will learn how to qualify them.

The copy and the photo is enough to draw the reader in to the post. The copy should appeal to a human emotion.

Ask a question in the headline.

What marketing communication channel delivers over 700 million messages each day?

Curiosity can draw many reasons to find an answer.  A good copywriter will add more subtle information. Such as, in…

Subhead. Hint. Something you do outside the box?

The answer is 700 million of letters and parcels are delivered daily by the United States Postal Service. When you decide to use the US Mail channel, it’s a pretty good guess the contact will get what you sent, in his or her hand, and open it?

Thinking of using direct mail?

When designing direct mail, many people tend to be overly concerned about the individual design elements in the piece. Such as:

  • How does the headline look?
  • Should we put a few bullet points here? How about some additional color here?
  • Stop! Always try to look at your design. Stand back from your ideas and look at it as you would a fine piece of art.

Imagine the blocks of text, the headlines, and various color blocks and photos as design elements – squares, circles, rectangles. See what stands out and what does not.


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