How to Use Emotion to Boost Direct Marketing, Direct Mail Response and Landing Page visitors…

even when you positively need a great sales program to save your job.

If you’re like most people, you have a lot on your mind today. You’re thinking about a presentation you’re giving tomorrow, wondering how you’re going to pay for your daughter’s wedding, or maybe pondering whether to buy that new car you have your eye on.

People are preoccupied with their own thoughts. These thoughts are filled with emotion and linked to our inner wants, needs, interests, joys, fears, hopes, expectations, and regrets.

How do you get a reader’s attention?

This constant emotional stream forms a barrier between the mind and the outside world. You can’t cross this barrier with logic or reason. Any message unrelated to the emotional inner world of a person is ignored. The only way to get someone’s attention and capture his or her interest is to deliver an “emotional appeal.”

To illustrate, let’s look at a real event. Some years ago, in a small Texas town, local police were battling with speeders. They put up signs that read, “Speed Limit 20 mph.” Everyone driving through town could see the signs and understand what they meant. But drivers just weren’t getting the message, and the speeding continued.

Then someone suggested making one small change. Police replaced the old signs with new ones which read, “20 mph or $19.90.” It worked. Soon, police reported that drivers were slowing down as they entered the town.

Why? Because those Texas drivers were so preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings, the speed limit message couldn’t break though. Only with the emotional appeal of being fined and losing money did anyone pay attention. It works the same with direct marketing and even on a landing page.

First, let’s look at direct mail.

People sort their mail quickly and ruthlessly. Any mailer that isn’t directly relevant to a person’s emotional life gets tossed. For example, a mailer that merely announces the opening of a bank has no emotional appeal, so it’s ignored.

But a mailer that offers a comparison of mortgage rates of all local banks with the headline “Confused about where to find the best mortgage rates?” breaks through because it addresses the fear of making a bad financial decision.

Don’t just sell a weight loss program, sell a way to be happier and have more energy. Instead of announcing a seminar, invite people to be part of an exclusive group of executives. Rather than bragging about your menu, show how popular and fun your restaurant is.

Even the landing page people first access to enter your website.

Your website is an important tactical tool to tell the world what your company is all about. Once there, you’d better have your emotional appeal ready, because in a few seconds the visitor is gone. Acme Direct hits the nail on the head by using a headline on their landing page:

“Helping you achieve the best time in your next marathon when using our brand-new running socks built with nanotechnology.”

You got the readers attention so, make sure you educate them on your new technology, inform them how to try a pair and deliver value with a money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Most purchases people make today are discretionary. They’re not required, but wanted on some deep emotional level. Injecting emotion into your message will help you speak to that inner self where buying decisions are really made.


Make your order form with “multiple offers” to appeal to your customer. “Buy two pairs today and get a third pair on us. Did We say free shipping?”

Don’t get greedy. If the offer is not relevant, you may lose an order. When in doubt, test!

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