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The Road Less Traveled Is A Bonanza For Your Small Biz…

With fewer turns and the result in sight.

Too many decisions. More people in digital marketing realize if a response to a recent advertisement does not meet expectations, cut it, and move on to the next one.

In my world, digital and direct marketing is driven by data. If the data is not analyzed and tested, is the advertiser going to make the same mistake over and over, but hoping for different results? How long will it take before reality sets in, and changes must be made to advertising and marketing?

How did we get here?

Big business, including retail, have enough marketing problems of their own. For example, a day doesn’t go by without us receiving a catalog and other advertisement delivered to our office. I only remember the advertisements that closely meet my needs. Seriously?

When I have the time to check my email, I might see a few products or services I use, but most of the emails go into the trash. Watching network television shows or listening to a radio station? One-third of the time for a one-hour TV show, primetime, are for commercials. A similar advertising schedule is found on your radio dial.

You can’t escape. They know enough about you to make them dangerous.

What about a Small Biz?

A SmallBiz has a variety of direct marketing strategies at their disposal to keep customers buying and away from your competition. For example, the latest in marketing automation, opens the door for a SmallBiz to connect with prospects and use customer data for better marketing advertisements. Look at the Direct2Customer project of ours and you’ll get my drift.

The customers and prospects of a small biz expect better marketing and advertising. So, if your SmallBiz marketing and advertising is acting like BIG business, it can be costly and eventually lead to failure.

Revitalize your Small Biz marketing and advertising.

I assume people in business know a thing or two about Henry Ford. He built cars one way- all black. By comparison, it seems like our world today, revolves around one choice after the next after the next. Often, it contains too many choices.

When it comes to direct or digital marketing solicitations, too many choices will sometime work against them.

For example, many direct and digital marketers will include any number of order options. While every response door seems to be important, too many choices may thrust prospects and customers into pondering over and procrastinating about how they want to order, instead of just acting now.

So, it would be nice if all our sales transactions as simple and straightforward as Mr. Ford’s. No colors, sizes or alternate methods of payment to choose, just black.

Unfortunately, life today is not that simple. Consumers demand options and alternatives in today’s marketplace. A simple question of choice can move the prospect away from a “yes” or “no” response to a “this” or “that.” This is not a new strategy, but it works.


Sure, prospects and customers like options, and you want to give them enough to choose from. Give it to them in a way that is easy to follow and makes it easy for them to respond without bogging them down.

Always record options you offered a prospect or a customer. The more data you can extract from a prospect and customer puts your marketing and advertising in the driver’s seat.

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